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Buyer threaten me to get the money back?

I worked for a buyer I delivered him the work .He gave a 5 star review .After 15 days he want me do more work on it but i’m busy and also i’m not interested to do that he told me that he will go to thre fiverr and get his money back .Is that possible to get the money back after 15 days thogh he gave a positive review .
Please help me its urgent

If they dispute it with paypal, yes. I had one 5 star review, over 30 days old they took money back… But they also get their account removed from fiverr if they go that way. I suggest reporting them to customer service, but in the end, there is zero protection for sellers.


Thanks a lot for your suggestion

Yes it is possible if you offer to do unlimited revisions. If you don’t then no it’s not possible after 15 days unless he does a chargeback, which is rare.

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It’s possible unfortunately through paypal chargeback. There’s no way to prevent these.

If the work requested is revisions that he is entitled to, then you are obligated to do so. If the work is something outside that scope, then stand firm in your decision. Contact CS with the threats. But if a chargeback is in his plans, make sure you have all the evidence and screen shots ready. Send it to CS and it’s possible for them to get you the money back.