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Buyer threaten to report me to Fiverr

Hello! Friends
one of my Buyer threaten to report me to Fiverr, because I don’t work for him. Actually the buyer wants to create the web template before place the order. so that’s the reason I don’t want to work for him,

he blocked me and said i will report you to Fiverr.

What should I do now? should I contact the CS and inform about this matter?

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If you are not comfortable to work before starting the order then there is nothing wrong. Let them do, your side is safe.


The “buyer” won’t complain to CS. He wanted free work, you refused. He’s unhappy. CS wouldn’t help him.

You’re right to block him.


More to the point - NEVER start work before an order is placed.

It’s not about feeling uncomfortable doing so, it’s that you should never do so.


Sometimes we start the order and then due to some reasons buyer cancel the order which effects our account negatively.
So, if a seller is comfortable to do the work and show to the buyer before buying to assure his satisfaction before buying instead of starting the order and cancelling the order if buyer do not like and after buyer’s satisfaction they start order and deliver the final files. Is there something wrong in this if both of them are OK with this?
Thank you!

Sunny - you are asking for trouble doing that. Don’t do it.

Buyers who actually pay in those circumstances are very unusual …


If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear.

Even if you get an automatic account warning, you can appeal it.

When rejecting work, be firm and polite.

“I’m sorry sir, I’ve had bad experiences on this category.”

“Sorry, I’m not a fan of football. I’m unable to help you.”

If they keep writing and won’t take no for an answer, then you can block them. But think very careful before you block them. Sometimes I prefer to tell them about my other gigs. Maybe I can’t do X for him, but can do Y.

You can contact CS if you want, but if nothing has happened to you, why bother?


Thank You so much for help