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Buyer threatened and reported my gig

so today a buyer messaged me and asked for a project he need it urgent but i already had 12 orders so i told him that sorry i can’t take a urgent order right now i’ll need 4-5 days to start on you’re work. (my extra fast delivery is 1 day and he had like 4 videos those are not even possible to complete in 1 day)

that’s why he threatened me. He didn’t even said anything and reported me.

I just don’t know what to do in this kind of situation


Nothing. You do nothing. If you did nothing wrong, you just keep calm and let Fiverr investigate.
Don’t engage in any sort of argument with that buyer and move on.


Don’t argue with the client, If you are right then nothing will happen. Be as usual, don’t worry.


According to what you’ve written you’ve done nothing wrong.

Don’t worry about anything. The person who contacted you sounds like a moron.

Fiverr will investigate and find you’ve done nothing wrong.


Thanks a lot everyone i was really worried about this. should i turn on vacation mode on my gig when I’ve more works? but i don’t want to do coz i might lose some customer

There’s actually an option to limit the orders queue in the Gigs data screen. If you set it to 3 and three people order from you at the same time, it pauses your gig until you finish at least one of them, so that people can’t search or order from your gig while you’re working at your maximum load.

By the way, I would block that buyer.


A returning buyer can still order, but it does take your gig out of the search pages. I found that out the hard way when even though I had my limit set to three a 4th person who was a returning buyer ordered.

What I do when I am getting overwhelmed is extend the delivery times to something I can hands. This weekend I took a trip, so I made all of my delivery times be a 4 day minimum.

without any reason 4 days ago my gig is gone to the last page from first page is it becouse of the report?

I doubt it. Many sellers have been saying their gigs are being moved to later pages in the search. It may be due to the paid promotion feature in which sellers are paying Fiverr for clicks to be featured on earlier pages.

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thats so not fair i was at rank 1 and did every order properly with 5 star rating and 0 cancel even response rate was less then 1h why should i suffer

In my country we have a saying, "Life is not fair, you will need to learn to deal with it.