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Buyer Threatened Me

So, I got an order from a client to do a work and we kept talking about it from like 2 days straight ahead. After that client agreed to work with me while checking out my skill levels. We mutually agreed upon the terms and conditions of the work and I worked really hard for like straight 3 days ahead ignoring my real life stuffs. With Each minor step and update, I consulted it with my client for his/her satisfaction like is it okay for him/her and answer was always positive. But when I was about to deliver my work at the very last hour client wanted to modify the work scope of the whole thing. Then we talked about it like I can’t do it like at very last hours of delivery and you should have stated those things before to me while I was in contact with you. And right in the middle of our discussion, client filed a dispute against me stating " The seller is not providing what we talked about. If he does not cancel and refund money I will leave a bad review and I don’t think he wants that. If he leaves a refund I will give him good feedback and we will go our separate ways." But I remained calm and I asked my client to give me like 1 more day to modify the whole work for you which was like near impossible task for me in first place and I had to do it due to the fear of bad review by the client. Client was not paying me extra $$$ for the work. Then I completed the things which client wanted in the end and delivered it to the client. But Client filed another dispute right after getting the files from me stating that I did not got the work which I asked from the seller. I mean the buyer was continuously threatening me for the bad review and when I was able to complete modified work for the client but the behavior it was the same as before. After all this things happened with me I want to ask the community what should I do ? Do I continue my work after getting that bad reivew by the client ? or Should I listen to my heart and stop working on fiver from now on :disappointed:

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keep in mind that you will going to find a lot of buyers they always threatened yout with canceling the order or leaving bad review. And it seems like they know and sure that the sellers afraid of canceling orders and also, they know that fiverr always support the buyers on the sellers. I got some orders from buyers like the one you worked with and I was patience with them trying to avoid the bad review.

My advice for you is to contact the customer support and tell them about the story and what happened with you and they might read all the messages between you and the buyer and might remove the bad review. Also, don’t quit from fiverr because of this first bad review, try to find another order and do your best to get the 5 stars and that’s not hard because there are a lot of buyers looking for new sellers to work with them.

Good luck here


Blackmail is not okay, but there were red flags that this would be a difficult buyer.

There is no way you were properly charging for three days of work with frequently check-ins with your buyer. If you invite buyers to walk all over you, many of them will.


If you let the buyer cancel he cannot leave a review of any type. So, his promise to leave a good review if you cancel is false.


I have gave my client all the files. Now client wants to cancel the order. And get my service for free.
Thank you all for your reply, I will try my best to continue my service and will contact customer support to help me for this situation.

Say no. Stand up for yourself and the value of your work.


I have had clients demand unreasonable changes. In fact, I was sick and it burned me out completely - I disabled everything for a couple of years after the bad experience. At least they ended up leaving me a good review, but I felt like they were pulling me in every direction and it wasn’t worth the headache.

Since then I have learned about “choosing beggars”, including a whole area on reddit. Now I know there are just people like that who think the world owes them everything, and those that think it is ok to use threats to get their way.

Unfortunately, I have learned it is just the nature of doing business online and it takes some getting used to, but ultimately you have to stand your ground for what is honest and right. Just keep doing your best and it will be ok.

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I refuse to give you any constructive advice on this because you failed to label this individual properly.

In this sentence where you typed “client”, I think you meant “my torture master” or “my parole officer”.

I see no other reason other than those two for you to be willing to continue to work with this creature. The moment you received “the bolded part” you should contact CS immediately. Just the notion he/she was able to form those sentences in his/her head and type them gives you a clear idea this is not a person to interact with, in any way accept between him and his therapist and maybe a straitjacket involved.


same thing happen to me :pensive:

Your most expensive package is $20, it’s not worth it to work for 3 days for such a ridiculous amount. Not to mention that it’s risky to spend 3 days working for a new buyer, because if they turn out to be problematic, you’ve wasted 3 days (or more) of your life and exposed yourself to way too much stress. And for what?

Threats like this one are a Terms of Service violation.

If you refund them, like @vickiespencer said, they can’t give you feedback. On top of that, since trying to exchange a refund for a feedback removal is a Terms of Service violation, we can say that this (even though it’s not exactly the same thing) is another violation.

First of all, make screenshots of the threat and of the buyer trying to manipulate you into giving them a refund in exchange for a good feedback. Then, send those screenshots to Customer Support (Trust & Safety team) and ask them for help. Keep in mind that you might have to wait for their response.

Then, assess the situation and your options. If you cancel, you’re not getting money for the work you did, but the buyer can’t leave a bad feedback. If you refuse to cancel (and you can do that by redelivering the same work whenever the buyer asks for modification, together with a list of things that were agreed upon and a list of the things that you have delivered), buyer might finally accept the order and give you bad feedback. Customer Support isn’t going to remove that feedback unless it violates Fiverr’s Terms of Service.

That’s your exhaustion, frustration, and anxiety speaking, not your heart. Calm down before you make your decision.

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