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Buyer threatened to kill, abusing and giving negative reviews. Fiverr support please respond


Kumar? There’s something strange going on with this story… but first…

Oh… My… God! The LANGUAGE! :open_mouth:

Somebody use the Fiverr Search Bar, and find a “Rubber Room” rental Gig, to throw this abusive Buyer into!


Ok. Kumar? I just checked your profile. Only 1 Gig shown, and that gig has NO sales yet.

However, your “map” shows around 50 sales (which I assume are from this MORON Buyer).

So either CS has started to act - and has removed the Gig (so as to remove the filth-filled reviews)… or you removed the Gig yourself??


Yes i removed the gig…


What a shame. I hope that CS does respond, ban the Loser-buyer, remove all his negative reviews - and allow you to restart the “missing” Gig, fresh. :slight_smile:



I’ve temporarily suspended the gig, till this issue get resolved, as all negative reviews may affect my gig


Thank u Robert


Customer Support won’t do anything other than say the following:

We have forwarded the conversation to Fiverr editors and they will keep an eye on this user in the future.

and then suggest you block them.

I have dealt with things FAR worse than that, and these people are still active on the site.


This is beyond disturbing, and if Fiverr support does nothing in this case, it’ll lose some SERIOUS credibility with sellers. Buyers will then learn that they can take advantage of sellers - being downright hostile to them and know NOTHING will ever be done to them.

For Fiverr, this could have some serious repercussions. After all, one extremely negative post on the Internet can start its downfall. It’s like a brick and mortar business - one bad review such as this can kill a business. And, while it could take a while with Fiverr, it’s something they should REALLY consider. After all, everyone knows how powerful a medium the Internet is.

Absolutely disturbing and I’m beyond disgusted. I hope Fiverr unveils its eyes real soon to this disturbing pattern of abuse. Just getting rid of the account isn’t enough. Blocking of IPs - if possible - would be better.

I’m sorry you had to deal with that! And, I hope they rectify the issue in good conscience with you. Keep us apprised.


Customer Support Please respond to my ticket - 616596


I don’t see the f word anymore. I wonder if customer service edited out the bad language, or if he did. I had looked at what he wrote earlier and it had a lot of bad words which are now gone, but the bad feedback is still there. hmmm


Reply to @misscrystal: Yes CS have removed it I guess


Reply to @ryangillam: Yes they have said the same


This is beyond blocking a buyer for one account. No seller should have to deal with this type of mentality – ever. Unless they are regular readers of the forum, they may get the same treatment from this buyer. At least if ratings/feedback given on buyers showed in their profile, a future seller may get a heads up. But buyers are protected.

If CS does nothing, all they are doing is re-enforcing that buyers have free will to do as they please and nothing will be done. I said it before and will say it again. If a seller did this to a buyer, they would be gone.

I have been criticized by fellow forum posters for criticizing CS lack of action when a seller is being abused by a buyer. Yet, as a regular reader of the forum, I read time after time of sellers being abused, they report it to CS for help, but nothing is done or very little is done. I don’t care if it happens once or a million times, no business, no site, no place should tolerate this type of language or abuse.

kumar310 - Please keep us informed if CS does something other than cleaning up abusive language.


Reply to @kumar310: I’m sorry to see you took this course of action. I however do not think you should let one buyer change your decision to provide your service. If we all took this attitude with these type of buyers the Fiverr platform would have failed a long time ago. Do not let someone’s else’s action determine your reaction. You’ve already got several buyers who appreciate your work allowing you to achieve a prior level 2 status so why would you want to deprive them of further service and even possibly recommending your gig to other potential buyers. I strongly suggest you reinitiate your gig get to work and put this issue behind you. Remember it’s not how many times you stumble in life, it’s how many times you decide to get up and press on.

Best Regards,

Craig Scott


Wow, I am shocked someone would do that.

There really are some crazy people sighs

Keep your head up high, and I hope that Fiverr support has helped you out by now.


Thanks to everyone for your support.

Customer Support responded for my Request, and said the buyer is under the scanner of their Editorial Board now. Also CS told that they are investigating whether the buyer gave the negative reviews intentionally to harm the ratings, they will take appropriate action and remove the review.

But CS should check each and every message of the buyer, which clearly shows buyer gave the review intentionally. I hope a positive outcome from that investigation will come to remove those reviews and I can start doing my work again happily.


Great News, Kumar! :slight_smile:

And there will be many Sellers reading this, who will be encouraged to see CS taking action… where a BUYER was clearly in the wrong… and to the SELLER’s benefit.



I don’t see an image, so I assume Fiverr took it down. Good thing they just punished you in this forum, though. That’s logical.


Reply to @mboland: If a buyer tell u Fragglesrock off, Mother Fragglesrock, bury you down, I will end you and a Fragglesrockt bag, do u accept that?

Do you like to be punished for something, which you didn’t do any mistake???


That was extreme. How could that person abuse a reputable seller and a hardworking person. tsk tsk… some people doesn’t know some ethics and no manners at all. Fiverr CS will help you with this as this is already against fiverr TOS RUDE and ABUSIVE behavior, i’m sure they will not tolerate such case. These type of people are ruining reputable sellers.


Reply to @debbie_ph: Yes, I hope Customer Support wont tolerate such type of behavior and I hope I can work again freely.