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Buyer threatened to report me because I didn't accept his proposal

I have been a seller on fiverr for quite a while now and I had one of the funniest encounters today because I refused to accept a proposal that requires me to deliver within 24 hours which wasn’t even on my gig…the least days on my gig says two…
He accused me of wasting his time while we we’re communicating the terms of the job.
Kindly help me out as I dont know what to do…
Had to block this seller to stop receiving threats of him reporting me…
Please guys does it have any effect on my account?
What advise can you give me please.

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If you didn’t break any rules and there is nothing to be punished for :woman_shrugging: Even if he goes and complains fiverr is taking actions only if there was obvious violations to fiverr TOS

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Thanks mariashtelle…I was scared for a while, but then like you said…I didn’t break any rules.:blush: