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Buyer threatening for a charge back/refund on false claims

on sep 2 i received an order from a buyer ******** , i delivered the order complete in all aspects as per my gig statement and the package purchased on sep 3 , the same day i received the first and the only revision request from the buyer and i delivered the revised designs with all the other files as per the package complete in all aspects the same night . then there was a silence period from the buyer for complete three days , yesterday the order got auto completed and today she showed up with a one star review claiming that she has sent revisions twice and threatening me that she has applied for a refund to the customer support, i have also communicated with the customer support along with all the required proofs of the delivery and the communication , will the customer support support the buyer (because she is a buyer ) or there would be justice since i have spent a lot of time and did no dishonesty to the system , i am not bothered by the review but yes i would like to be at least paid for my efforts !
(P.S. i tried to communicate with the buyer as well and conveyed my side of the story but there was no response from her so i communicated this matter to the support team) please guide me if there is any other action that i need to take to prevent the order from being cancelled !


CS is likely to cancel the order and refund. only 5% possibility that they will take your side.

Order is cancelled , funds returned to buyer , no reason of whatsoever given to me and above all the buyer gets to leave the review on my profile as well, the only reason i got was that the buyer was unable to send the second revision … wow amazed

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Sorry for what happened to you.

You can also rate and review your buyer giving your side of the story.

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sad part is i cant review and tell my part of the story … the option for me to review is also not there

Sorry to hear that. You should have done it when your buyer left the review.