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Buyer threatening for refund

Hi everyone,
Hope you’re all doing great in these tragic times.
I have this buyer who has been provided with first draft, that is Initial Concepts, He’s now asking(literally threatening), to provide him with completely new designs (not one extra Concept, but he wants me to redo all the concepts).
I told him already, that this doesn’t fall under ‘Revisions’, he can buy extra Concept if he wish to have new design Concept.
Am more than happy to provide him with Revisions, but all he’s asking for new design.
I said i can provide him with an extra Concept , but no, he want all the concepts to be redone, wow.
I’m really confident that i provided him with really good designs.

Problem is, he’s now threatning me with these messages, attached below:
“Okay I’ll contact Fiverr as a complaint about your husiness”

“Okay Fiverr is chatting with me know you have option to refund or they will refund me and charge you back for my refund and you will get a review from me”

“Just refund me and I’ll leave our bad review of your fake promise”

“No you didn’t give revision you gave two concepts when he we agreed on in our conversation. A revision happens after work is done and you correct which you did not do. So your promise is false and should not be advertised as such , Fiverr policy has been broken on your end as you did not give a revision when requested. So your in the wrong they already said so you can fix, refund me or Fiverr will do it for you”

“I would suggest refund me so I don’t have to go though trouble of posting this conversation for your future clients”

Am literally laughing at some of his messages :smiley:

Okay so what should i do now?
I mean i know what should be done at this point, but will i get to hear from CS any soon, if i write to them?

New one from him: “I’ll give you an hour to refund before i take action to correct with fivver”

Await to hear from you all.
Thank you :slight_smile:


Well, it seems unlikely the buyer was chatting with CS when they said they were.

Threatening to leave a bad review is against Fiverr TOS - you might mention that.

Personally, I’d be standing my ground, but it’s up to you.


Ofcourse they’re not.
These are the messages I’ve just received from him, and came here, also ‘chat doesn’t exist’, you write to CS, you don’t chat with them.
I’ll never entertain these kind of buyers, I’ll be standing my ground too.


He already sent 2 cancellation requests, i denied both. Should i contact support?

Devastating - how unprotected fiverr sellers are :frowning:

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I would be contacting CS with screenshots of the threats and a clear indication that you
don’t want to cancel


Thank you,
Yes i just did that, contacted support with Screenshot, i have kind of given indication as to i don’t want to cancel.

Also my concern, will i hear back from support any soon?
I see that they’ve not answered to two of my previous general enquires, like not even in 10 days, it did not bother there much bcz it was kind of a bug.
But here it matters :frowning:

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Not “kind of indication”. Instead "I do not want to cancel. I have done the work … and now he wants " [insert whatever unreasonable demand he has here] “and is threatening to give a bad review unless I do what he says (see attached screenshot of threat)”.

CS has no time to work out what you mean - you have to be clear.

And no, you won’t hear from them immediately. Be patient.


Ohh, is it.
I’ll probably add this to my comment there, with clear indication.
Thank you for taking out time to hear me :slight_smile:

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any news? did cs reply?

No… Not yet :expressionless:
I’ll keep you posted.

Wow, Order gets cancelled by customer support.

This is what happens, you get badly insulted, bullied and threatened by buyer for bad review and cancellation.
Buyer tells you that “if you do not provide me extra work for free I’ll get it cancelled through support and you’ll have to face consequences, and I’ll write a bad review”

And that’s what happens.
I am shocked to see that, how is it even justified?
No seller protection at all?