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Buyer threatening litigation?

People get banned from using the site completely. People report all kinds of odd things.

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Hi Meaghan, Your review has the auto standard text that the buyers don’t write themselves but that gets added when an order gets cancelled because the order got into “Very Late” status.

“Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!”

This happened to me, as a buyer, one time, when a seller never reacted to the order I had placed nor to the messages I sent. Once the order got “very late” (there are order statuses “late” and “very late”, the buyer gets the option to cancel, which I eventually did (to get refunded, else my money would have remained in Fiverr limbo) after many days of lateness and no seller reaction (it became obvious that the seller had abandoned their account or wasn’t able to respond, hopefully the former).

In that case, I, as the buyer, had no option to leave a review (I wouldn’t have left one) but “the system” leaves that review you got, you’ll see it on lots of sellers gigs, the exact same text, because it’s an automatic thing.


Oh I see. Thank you for clarifying.

EDIT: Fiverr has now funded me the amount for the original order and the buyer lost his “top buyer” status. So I guess there is justice in a way.