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Buyer Threatening me, support me please!


I got an order from a buyer and he forces me to do their company logo cheap rate! He told me that if I don’t do their job, he’ll give me a 1-star review and he will report the complaint against me on Fiverr. Now, what should I do?

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Sadly, this is a common problem. There are two things you can do:

  1. Go ahead and let him leave a review and you respond to it.


  1. Cancel the order, which will affect your rate.

Unfortunately, this platform has so much more support for it’s buyers than its sellers, and you’ll find we have to be our own CS. There is a chance that Fiverr CS might cancel the order, in which case your rate will be affected, but then you won’t get your money and will have worked for nothing (unless you appeal, which can sometimes be difficult to win)

I hope you and your buyer can sort this out, and I hope this has helped.


Thank you so much, I don’t know what’s going to happen to me :disappointed_relieved:

Did he already place an order? If he placed an order through your gig with the prices that you set up then why you don’t want to complete it?

He can not place an order with “cheaper price” than stated on your gigs


You’ll need to remove the person’s name from the screenshots (it’s against the forum’s rules). And probably their country of origin as well. I don’t see how their country of origin is relevant to this post.

If the order was already placed, contact CS, send this same screenshot, ask them to cancel the order for you. Then block this person from contacting you.

If the order wasn’t placed yet, tell them that you can’t assist them and block them from contacting you.

You did nothing wrong, there is nothing to report you for. Unless you tried to upcharge this person and they noticed.


definitely report him and contact customer support


But the screenshot shows the order page- not the inbox.

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My comment also applies for future or similar situations.


C´mon guys…

Write the CS, that the buyer is threatening you. And tell them to cancel the order without harming your stats. Afterwards - block the buyer.

Isn´t that difficult.

Actually - Fiverr is a lot easier when you don´t look at your stats. Cancellation Rate = 87% .


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Nothing to worry. Have patience and tell your buyer to cancel the order. Your order completion rate will be recovered within next 60 days. :ok_hand:

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Its Ok, Many people have different way to approach their feelings and emotion . You need to have a Big Patient coz, we are a Freelancer not an employee . So Keep it up and don’t waste your time for that kind of clients. Thanks


What? The buyer can’t just cancel the order. The seller can- but the buyer can’t actually cancel it, just request a cancellation through disputing, in which case the seller still gets the choice.

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If you have any problem contact with customer support fiverr will help you.

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Actually, He Bought the basic pack of my gig, but he wants to take premium package services of my gig

You can’t work for a person who sends messages like that.

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He already placed a order

Cancel it! Are you actually going to try to work for someone like that?

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Thanks for letting know!

Thanks for support me, I did :slight_smile: and my stats 100%

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Cancel it!

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