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Buyer threatening me to leave negative review and asking for a refund

I’ve provided a 56-page report on Cancer Detection Apps. It was a competitor analysis. During the first revision, he asked for more screenshot
I’d worked on google docs according to his requirements. I’d done everything according to his requirements. Then he came up with grammatical mistakes. He said that he changed 56 pages’ grammatical error. After checking, I found nothing in the previous history of google docs. He did nothing. Then I provided a screenshot with proof that he did nothing. He said that he hired another one to check. He informed me that he majors in English. I asked, “If you major in English why you hired someone else to check?”

His profile is the older one. There has no seller review exists in his profile. Can you please suggest what will be best for me? Refund him or get the negative? Can anyone share the experience of how Fiverr TOS reacted on such issues where buyer threaten a seller to refund?


Never refund on projects you completed the work for. Take a screenshot of them threatening you and send it to CS if it gets out of hand.


I’m totally confident about the grammar. I’ve checked with individually and grammerly software. Everything was fine. Buyer told me that he went through all 56 pages and changes a lot but when I’ve checked the previous history of google docs I found that he did nothing on that. I don’t know how CS react on such issue.

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In case he provide negative is there any option to remove that by CS i i can show them proof|? Please help

No never ask CS or buyer to remove negative feedback, it will likely get you banned. You can send them a screenshot of the buyer threatening to leave you negative feedback if you don’t refund his money. That falls under bullying and shouldn’t be tolerated.


Contact Customer Support and explain your case i’m sure they will help you and find the best solution. Also send them all the proof you got.


I have come across a similar situation before. The best way is to keep all the proves and you should take screenshots of everything i.e. his messages and your replies. And present everything to CS. You should contact CS as soon as possible. I can assure you that if you are on the right side the CS will definitely help you. In my case, CS helped me a lot and I got a very good resolution from them.

I suggest you to contact the CS and explain your problem.

Thanks It was a vital info. Thanks a lot.

Buyer started the issue like this: “I am very upset with this project and I have do go through every 50+ pages and correct tons of grimmer etc. And it is late to deliver to my client. I think it is best to not charge me for this project to avoid having to leave a review of my experience.”
He didn’t mention negative review directly. But It means negative. Will CS accept this?

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Hi @rupa16 !!!
How to present a case to CS? Would you please explain?

Same problem with me buyer blackmailing me

Did you deliver your order before the deadline? Your buyer saying that it was late.

It looks like he was just going to resell your work and he missed the deadline with his client and now trying to get free work from you.

Personally I would’ve never accept cancellation especially after you did all the work but also if you have a new profile negative review might hurt you where I don’t really care about that and you can always write your reply and your side of the story under his review.

To be honest I would’ve replied something like this:
“Unfortunately there is no logs and proofs of any changes that you implying you made on google docs and i delivered it within our order timeline and in this case order is not eligible for a refund as everything was delivered as promised. If you think there are grammar mistakes you can point them out and ask for a revision.

Please also note that threatening and blackmailing with cancellation or bad review is not allowed on fiverr and against fiverr tos.”

And after that I would’ve immediately report that guy to CS. He might not have any reviews on his profile because he is pushing sellers to refunds and getting his work for free.


Well I’ve delivered before deadline. He have no review on his buyer profile. He joined fiverr in 2012 but there is no review on his profile.
Well I’ve reported CS already. Let’s hope nothing wrong

@mariashtelle1 Thanks for your brief reply. It helps. I’m confident enough that I’ve provided fair.

It’s Grammarly, not grammerly.

Your posts do have other mistakes, too, and software like Grammarly can never catch them all.

I see that there are other buyers who complained about bad English.

Then again, your gig description is full of mistakes, and you never promise that delivery will be written in perfect English, so I’m not sure why someone would complain about grammar mistakes when it’s obvious that they can expect them.


Considering that your writing is riddled with grammatical errors, in my opinion you should give him a refund. He is owed one.

Your first paragraph has more then fourteen spelling and grammatical errors. I would call your use of English mangled.

There are three grammar errors in this statement. And they are big glaring obvious ones. Additionally, there is one small one.

You are not able to check your own writing for errors, as you don’t recognize them. Everything here you have written would need to be completely rewritten.

Did she promise a report without grammatical errors, though? It’s not my area of expertise so I don’t know what is required, exactly, but is it really important for a competitor analysis to be error-free when it comes to grammar, as long as the analysis is understandable and provides correct and thorough information?

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Would you be upset if you hired someone to write a report and the report was totally mangled English to the point it was unusable? That’s probably what the buyer got.

We aren’t talking about a missed comma here and there.

We are talking about a horror. This writer doesn’t even know to capitalize the pronoun “I”.

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