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Buyer Threatening me to send 200USD Design for FREE


He send me a so hard design request and i did it. And then he said he need it so faster so i give him a Photoshop rendering file for FREE. After that he keep sending msg’s asking PNG/JPEG and other formats without paying a single gig! I said NO and now he Threatening me to get them!

So is there a chance to admin ban me for not giving FREE files for him? Or not giving $200 design for one gig?


First, tell him that if he wants the logo in a new format and so on, he needs to buy a new Gig. Because the old one was delivered according to his specs.

If that doesn’t work, ask a Mutual Cancellation - at this point any time you invest is worth more than the initial Gig, better then to cancel it. If he accepts, he cannot use the logo since it reverts to your property (let him know this). If he does not, he should stop complaining.

If he continues to threaten, simply contact Customer Support and tell them that he is trying to blackmail you into doing work for free. He will leave bad feedback, but if it’s obvious it’s because he wants a free lunch, CS should remove that.


I’m confused, please clarify. The buyer wanted the logo before it was ready so you sent him a photo shop rendering. Was this photoshop rendering the final product as you advertise your final product to be? Is the photoshop rendering just a bonus to hold him over? What is your final product supposed to be, is my question. If you said what gig you are speaking about it may be easier to understand the situation. It’s difficult to give specific advise when it’s a vague description.

In general I’d you provided the full service that the buyer paid for and what you stated you would do from the beginning, then that is all you are obligated to do. If it was me, I would first contact CS and provide all the information I had supporting my claim (all details and screenshots) and respond to the buyers comment like so “I don’t know who your friends are and I’m certainly not intimidated by their opinions or your threats. You received what you paid for and now you are attempting to blackmail me into providing additional work for free. I didn’t get to where I am today by being foolish. You obviously are not familiar with Fiverrs stance on threatening behavior. In fact it is you who has been reported to CS with all the information from this sale.” Request a mutual cancellation too.


Reply to @missashley8705:

Problem is he don’t want to order ANY GIG! He simpaly ask me to design for FREE and provide all formats for FREE and all revisions for FREE and all formats for FREE!


Reply to @laughingcrow: Thanks for your time, Problem is he never order any gig and ask me to do all works for FREE because his friend told


Reply to @cybercube: Then just ignore him, or even report him to stop bothering you… He didnt order, you dont need to do anything.

If he is right, then what the heck, I will go to car shop, and tell them that friends told me to give me a car. Or else I will report them. And they have 24 hours lol.

Anyway, use screenshot here, send ticket to support and explaine them what happen. I think suport will remove his account or something.


Reply to @cybercube: so the buyer never ordered anything from you but demanded the thing that he never ordered be delivered faster. You then provided him with a product (the photoshop rendering) just because you felt like giving him something even though he never ordered anything? I’m confused.


Don’t provide people stuff for free, ever (well samples of your past work to look at but definitely don’t waste time making something to their specifications without getting $$ first)

Don’t even engage with these people.

Simply tell them straight up, "Thanks for your message, sorry but due to the low cost, great value gig I am supplying here, I am unable to provide free samples."

No back and forth, nothing, just be polite but blunt.

Also, be very clear in what is included in your gigs and what is not. It is unfortunate that one needs to do that, but people want you to go above and beyond for no reward and it just isn’t right nor should it be entertained.

I’m not sure if what that person has wrote is considered a threat, however reporting to Customer Support may/may not help.

Please also be aware that your attached image with the sellers details on it is breaking forum rules as you are not meant to call out sellers on this forum. So best to go and edit your post and delete that part.


Reply to @missashley8705: He msg me so kind so i give him a one logo for FREE… Normally people’s thank me for FREE designs but this guy now asking so large highly detailed logo for FREE


Reply to @arty182925: Thank for your reply. I think its good to ask admin as you suggest


Reply to @missashley8705: Thank for your reply


Reply to @alysmcdonough: learned in hard way, Will never provide an free logos to any new buyer. Thank for your reply

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