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Buyer threatening me



I had a buyer 2 months ago and I delivered his order successfully. Now after 2 months, he is asking for some extra work and forcing me to do FREE. He is also threatening me that he will report me or cancel the old order which had been delivered 2 months ago.

I just want to know that can he cancel my order after that much long time? And how can you help me to stop such buyers.

Thanks in advance!


He cannot cancel an order that was completed two months ago. He is likely bluffing you in order to get to continue working for him.

No one can force you to do something you do not have to do.


Methinks Fiverr should ban lousy buyers who are out to fleece sellers.


Don’t worry he is just bluffing. Order automatically gets marked as complete after 3 days of delivering and after that the buyer can’t do anything. Still Fiverr should ban these kind of peeps who are ruining the experience for seller.


You should take screenshots of any type of threatening messages and report them to customer support.


I received a mail from Fiverr that a buyer has cancelled an order through paypal after the order has been completed for over two months now.
I was not notified of anything before hand, and how on earth can a buyer be so heartless to get a refund of a job that has been delivered.
Fiverr had to deduct from my available balance.
This is my first time experiencing this, and I think fiverr is not protecting the interests of we sellers.
please, who can help me out on this


MissCrystal and Jonbas both are right


He is definitely bluffing. Every order is marked complete 3 days after delivering. There isn’t any button or other action he can do to change that. I would report him to Fiverr support (include screenshot).


Although louis280 is right. PayPal allows 6 months for refunds, so maybe try to talk to buyer and explain situation to him. Urge to his compassion.


If Buyer threating You, Then immediate Report to Support team about this buyer with message screenshot, If you deliver job as per description, then no need to worry about it.

if buyer approaching you after 2 month then you need to ignore and if threating then report.

and after 2 month buyer also not able to do any negative review also. :slight_smile:

so be happy. :slight_smile:


Correction, a Buyer can request a charge back from his payment provider long after Fiverr’s 3 day order acceptance period. I believe it differs with each provider.


Exactly. That is the best and only recourse.


Hi all, I would like to share my experience as it has left me anxious and unsure of what to do. I tried searching the forum for relevant threads and came across this one. I submitted a brief as below as per my buyer’s request in our private messages.

I will deliver a 5-page report (with 1.5 line spacing) on the areas as discussed below: 1. Tutorial and online tutoring market in Hong Kong 2. Background and some data related to those really large tutorial centre in Hong Kong and China 3. Competitive Analysis (please focus on Tutorial centre in Hong Kong and Snapask [an online tutoring apps]) 4. Tutorial industry and eLearning market in other Asia countries (mainly Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China)

However, after delivering the order, the buyer wanted to cancel as “the report was not what he/she expected”. That is totally fine by me as I have put in 2 revisions as options, and proceeded to seek feedback on what was not expected so I could go ahead and correct it.

The buyer refused to provide constructive feedback and just kept sending a mutual cancellation request, and even threatened to report me if I don’t cancel the request. All my reviews on my profile have been top-notch, and this is the first time I am dealing with something like this.

Anyone has any advice?


well this is wrong, after order complete buyer still can cancle from disputing the paypal paymane, it happend to me after around 10 days the delivery is done and complete, and the fund is almost availeble but than it cancled.

And it say nothing can I do. :slight_smile:


It happened with me a few days ago…a buyer insisted to do extra work or refund after one months complete order…I blocked the buyer to not contact me but he continuously sent me texts to do extra work (I don’t know how a blocked person can contact you)…he threatened me then I requested CS to cancel…because he was not contacting CS…just insisted of doing extra work.
There should be policy to only refund half money…if Fiverr takes 20% of cancelled order then 30% should be for buyers…in 4 cases, NOBODY asked me for revisions… Just threatened to cancel or extra work…(freebies).


It seem the buyer is rigth in my view

if a person likes your work and why would the buyer request a revion?? Its bcos buyer are not stisfid with the the work…

Building a ranking is like a building a tower you need a solid foundation… and these foundation are came from your buyers…

Quality is the best foundation.

Love your client


agree with you, it could harm and dropped your account rankings, in the end, buyers should learn again how to use Fiverr more wisely. :smile_cat:


could you imagine when you buy kfc, mcdonald or anything in this world and then you want your money back ? and after you get your money back, you buy kfc, mcdonald or anything again in this world and then you want your money back again ?
order -> pay & get the goods -> take money back = repeat :smile_cat:


after 2 months ? good for you, but for me, it’s more terrible than wannacry of ransomware :smile_cat:


just be nice to them
without them
no earnings right?