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Buyer threatening to cancel after work is delivered and wants more features


Hello friends,
One of the corporate buyer came without any proper requirement. I conceptualized and build an application. The buyer was happy with the conceptualized application as that is what he wanted. Now after delivery, he wants more features and complete design change. I gave him free revision and couple of new features. He is telling that he has to develop from start as it is not as per their existing software designs and can’t be included in their software. It is pure blackmailing. Interesting is that he is a corporate buyer and wants to go away with free work.

I believe such buyers are using fiverr platform to get their designs and code for free which costs 100x of fiverr gig amount. Is there any way to report such buyers and fiverr can take actions. Currently, buyers can cancel ,get free work and leave negative reviews. I read many posts about such issues. I request fiverr admins to control buyer’s actions.


Fiverr has already introduced a feature that should help you prevent this sort of situations. When a buyer places an order, he/she will have to check a checkbox that says they agree that the info they provided is accurate and complete, and that any changes, requiring your approval, may be subject to additional costs. You can show this to your buyer:

Show them that and tell them that upon ordering they have agreed that their info/requirements were proper and complete, and that extra work is subject to additional costs. The buyer can’t change their mind if they already agreed to that, and that doing so is an abuse and violation of the Terms of Service.

Also, if the buyer is threatening and being abusive, you might even report them to CS and ask them for further help on this matter.


Thanks for the information. Probably i need to approach CS regarding this issue. He even rejected revised delivery which has extra features .


I have also faced the same problem, Fiverr should take care of sellers. we want the secure working environment on fiverr


A couple things:

Discussing it on this forum will do nothing to get you a resolve. You have to do it between you and the buyer first. THEN later you can go to CS and they can assist.

ALWAYS remain professional. Be nice and tell him again that you delivered what you had agreed on.

If he rejects revised delivery, deliver it again, re-stating that what you are delivering is what you agreed to. If he rejects, do the same thing again, stating you don’t do additional work or provide refunds after you do the requested work.

If he rejects, write the same thing nicely again. Keep doing it as long as it takes. Telling him changing the specs after the delivery does not mean he doesn’t have to pay for the existing work.

Let him know nicely that adding additional requirements is beyond the scope of the delivery, and that you don’t refund for doing what he asked.

IF he threatens a negative review, that’s helpful for you. Don’t say anything negative back, just restate he has to pay for work requested.

Most buyers will either accept the delivery after you keep going back and forth. Just stay nice. Hopefully he will threaten you with a bad review.

Once he does that, then CS will help you, because that is outside the TOS.

Again: Stay professional, nice, and firm that he has to pay for what he requested, and changes after delivery are NOT covered by the original agreement.

CS will help IF he threatens a negative review, calls you names or attacks you personally. Take your time before all responses to him, and keep it nice and professional, no matter what he says/does.

CS is very helpful when the buyer is abusive IF we are professional about it.


I did that once, re-delivering over and over while remaining professional & polite at all times, then the buyer got tired and made a Paypal dispute/chargeback, getting away with my work for free :frowning:


Yes, they can do that. It will get their Fiverr account closed down, so it does create some minor hassle for them. I don’t think they can use that same PP account again, but I’m not sure about that.

You can’t always win that battle, but you can most of the time, especially if it’s a buyer who also sells things. (Those types of buyers don’t want their account closed.)

Nothing works every time.


Don’t provide free Work and nor you need to be Defensive. You’re a Business not a charity! We sell our time & skills.


I delivered multiple times and the buyer kept on changing requirements. Finally, I informed the support about the buyer and accepted the buyer’s cancellation dispute. Thus,he took away work for free. Customer care told me that, they have informed corresponding department.