Buyer threatening to cancel daily


So I am currently doing a sale for a buyer. The work is 11 videos. each video is 17 mins in supposedly 10 days. He said that if I did not complete the work in 10 days he will cancel it, unless he made a mistake in submitting anything. Well, he did A LOT. Most of the ppt slides I was supposed to put in the videos had mistakes that I fixed when he asked. After finishing the 11 videos, he asked to upload the videos in HD quality. He then asked to upload them in 2 variants (with/without music.) He then wanted these 2 variants in 4:3 format. He said that after I uploaded the videos in 16:9. Now, he is currently checking on them. He finds mistakes that are not in my area of expertise like grammar mistakes or spelling ones in the slides. (I just edit, not profread.) He says that I have to fix them and re upload EVERYTHING again. My internet takes hours to upload these large HD files.

We extended the time for 10 more days now. He threatens to cancel the order everyday because he finds mistakes for the first time in the videos. he never objected on those mistakes when I sent the samples. What should I do? I am tired of re-uploading High sized files everyday that get rejected because of stuff that are not my fault. Should I let him cancel the order after 10 days of hard work?? I can not allow that. He is also taking 2 days for holidays for which he said he can not work and check the videos


Of course not. You should tell him you have completed the order just as your gig description is showing. Tell him that you have done everything that he originally requested and therefore the order is now finished.

If he continues to use the revision button, tell him he is abusing the revision process to try to get free work and you will not allow that.

You should tell customer support everything you told us here and send them the order number and any screenshots of him demanding extra work.


I will wait for him to reply tomorrow since he is sleeping now. I told him all of this plus that I will not fix anything until he checks everything.


It is against the terms of service for a buyer to abuse the revision button the way you are describing.

He is demanding additional work. It is right there in the terms of service that this is a rule violation.