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Buyer threatening to contact fiverr after i deliver a good job and marked complete

Hi guys, i have an issue concerning a gig, a buyer ordered for the gig, i delivered the work and he requested for cancellation, i declined and modified the job to satisfy him, when i resubmitted the job, he approved it and gave a positive review. But i dont know whats wrong, he threatning of contacting fiverr to refund his money back after order complete just because he met a new seller that could render the same service at a lesser price. MY QUESTION IS THAT if he contacts fiverr, will fiverr just pump into my acct and remove the money for him? Is such refunding possible?

Customer Support reviews all cancellations, and if the situation you are describing were to go to CS, the refund would not be granted.

No, Customer service will not “force” a refund. They will review the order and communications between you and the buyer about the issue regarding the purpose of cancellation. If none was made, they will advise them to communicate with you regarding their issues in a professional manner. They will monitor this conversation.

With that said, if the buyer is threatening you, please contact Customer Service! Be sure to provide screenshots as evidence - this needs to be documented and given to the CS Team. This type of behavior is not tolerated in the Fiverr community and is a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service (posting or sending rude, abusive messages, etc.).