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Buyer threatening to report me

Can he actually do that?

I have a translation gig which never had any negative ratings, I always discuss with my buyers before they order the gig, and when I don’t believe I can translate their text, or that I can’t do it on time, I say it and they always understand and don’t mind…

My gig is one gig for 400 words, and my extras go up to 2000 words. Any order with more words I ask buyers to discuss with me and again if I don’t think I can do it I tell them…

However this happened today:


Hey there,

I have an English text needing translation to French. It is 4300 words. Would you be able to give me a better rate?

11:10 July 08, 2014




No sorry, a fiver for 400 words is already cheaper than a lot of translators on this website who propose 300 words for that price, and an awful lot cheaper that professional translators…

I already have a lot of translation to do at the moment anyway so maybe you should look for someone else :slight_smile:


11:53 July 08, 2014



Ok, what should I order then for this translation and how long should I expect it to take?

13:06 July 08, 2014



Hello again,

as I said I am quite busy already in terms of translation so I don’t think I’ll be able to complete yours… I’m sure you’ll find someone suitable to translate your work on time :slight_smile:


14:14 July 08, 2014


So, can you please remove your gig as it’s not available-active? Otherwise I’ll have to report it.

14:19 July 08, 2014



I’m sorry?

My gig is available for short texts, or texts going to up to 2000 words. Your text is 4300 words, so it’s my right to let you know that I probably can’t do it on time, since it’s doesn’t fall into the categories of services I propose. Your text is double the amount of maximum words I usually translate.

On what ground exactly are you thinking of reporting me? Saying that I can’t complete a 4300 words translation one my gig only propose to translate documents up to 2000?


What the heck? Can someone actually do this?


They are just trying to intimidate you because you will not do something your gig does not offer and are not happy about it. I would not respond to them any further and there is nothing to report you for.

Yep, let 'em steam and stew about it. And if they find some way to “report” you, let them. You have the conversation right there. There’s nothing you can get into trouble for.

Never respond to a threat. Ignore. What’s he going to report? What a negative person!

What a friggin’ bully! Will fiverr customer service put up with this $#!T?

They are blowing spit in the wind and it will end up all over their face. Buyer intimidation is common on Fiverr. Don’t worry about it.

You never know. With some of the things Fiverr sides with the Buyer on, I would not put anything past them.

I don’t think that even Fiverr will be stupid enough to read such a ridiculous report.