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Buyer threatens me

I had a client that is an Australian. However, we had a miscommunication issue on her first order so I offered her a one gig job for free to make it up for all the trouble. Not sure why I did it. It’s probably because I have done too much on the job already and been meaning to cancel it but I already passed all the work I have done and afraid of bad feedback.

So I did it. Everything is okay then. But then she ordered again, she said she was opening her site soon and needs to get the job done asap.

I offered unlimited revisions for a good client satisfaction. However, this buyer just abused it. She is not using the modification button but rather bugging me on messages after the work is completed and will come back to you a month later for the revisions. Which to be honest, I already submitted but she won’t be able to find it (according to her) when all of the revised editions are either on our messages thread or on her orders.

She’s rude. I don’t know why I still work with her. Part of me thinks she’s probably having a bad day or something. But then it worsens today. I sent a file that needs revisions. She has a specific instructions though just to add a period. Not my fault that the document I need to copy has no period whatsoever. So I added it and sent it back to her. She messaged me again saying "i believe i asked for this ages ago and it just wasnt done but I forgot about it until I started going through them all to check them."

But I already sent a mountain of revised editions for her. She probably can’t remember where she saved the files or something. Because believe me, it’s been a month and now she’s back for revisions. I know I sent her the file a month ago (the revised edition) but she is like accusing me that I don’t do my job well. I DO MY JOB WELL. If I don’t, why would I keep selling in the first place

Guess what she asked now? She was asking for free work. "i take it you wont do [filename] to make up for all the reoccuring issues and mistakes since you have not responded regarding that.?"

I actually feel bad about this one. Since first off, the project is not done by me. She is asking for free work and almost threatening me that if I won’t do it, "in my culture when theres mistakes made people do things to make up it up for them to continue to do business with that person so i was asking if you were willing to do this or not. its your decision if you want to or not. there is just more incentive for me to continue to do business with you if you are willing to that is is."

I reported her to customer support.

If you have delivered it and it has been more than 30 days, ignore her. She can’t leave feedback any more.

I had a buyer who constantly pestered me for content that I simply am not skilled to provide and so I declined him. He continued for some time trying to get me to do it but this type of attitude is just the kind of thing that would likely lead to poor reviews and an unhappy customer expecting way more than I offer.

I agree with Ryan on this one, I would explain the situation and after that be done with the customer. I wouldn’t even accept anymore paid gigs from a customer like this, it’s not worth the trouble.

My gosh, that’s really something. I agree with the others here that you shouldn’t waste your time with her anymore. I’m curious though, what happened after you reported her to customer support?

Thanks guys! Sorry it took me a while to reply. Customer support told me that it’s okay if I don’t do the other thing she wants me to do since it’s not included in my terms. Also, they told me they are looking into the copyright thing. If she left me a bad feedback or something, they said I need to inform them right away to have it checked. :slight_smile:

Reply to @ryangillam: Thank you :slight_smile: