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Buyer threatens to cancel order

I got a client who wanted a design for the logo, and when I sent the concept he was happy but needed a little revision, and I did it. during the second revision, I sent. he insulted me saying my design was horrible. and threaten to cancel the order. even though I did as he wanted, I felt he did not respect me.

I contacted CS and wanted to cancel the order with the reason I could not do this job, was my decision right?


I would wonder what changed from one moment to the next.

Either you did something the buyer didn’t like (which may or may not have been bad on your part as I find people very strange these days)
This is one of those “buyers” who does it this way to get the work free.

If you truly did nothing wrong then maybe you should simply be delivering and letting Fiverr remind the customer that they are free to be a dick - after they honor their agreement & your effort.

Expect a bad review either way but how you respond to that can still win you points with good buyers (and chase away bad ones).

Good luck


Hello ivana, sorry that you experience this.

Do not cancel the order no matter what! there will be a risk of getting a bad review but hey who wants to work for free? be professional as much as you can, speak with your client, try to solve the issue. If nothing work out, contact CS.

Communication is number one key to solve issues like this one.

Good luck ya

Thank you for responding, yes, I’m just afraid he gives a bad rating and negative feedback if I continue to order, so I choose to cancel the order.

But what if he gives me a negative review when I do my work? Does canceling the order make the buyer can give me a bad rating or review?

When the order is canceled there will be no review from you or him publicly. The point is why to work for free! Maybe later he will do another account and use you again.

I know it’s frustrating to deal with a buyer with this attitude, you can contact CS and send them screenshots of the threats that he sent you.

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Report them or send mail to fiverr. They will take actions against them and will block or ban the users. If any buyers are threatens you, you must contact the help centre of fiverr.

Yes, it’s possible but your first step must to block the particular account first.

That’s not bad review threatens. I have a condition that two buyers have placed an order and told me to transfer 10$ to their Paypal otherwise they will give me a bad review. Many scams are running this way. Fiverr is also ready to take action against them. So, reporting them is your first step.

It may be very frustrating, but sometime it happens… leave it bro… go for another one… All the best

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