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Buyer threatens with negative feedback

I sell articles here on fiverr. A person brought a 500 word article on March 01, 2016. I just got a message from them saying that they believe that a portion of the article is plagiarized. First of all, NONE of the article is plagiarized, all of my work is original. The buyers says that he will leave me negative feedback if I don’t make some kind of change to the work. Since it is not plagurised, there is no way for me to revise the order to make him happy anyway. Is this something I should report to CS since he threatened me? How should I handle this so that I don’t get negative feedback?

Thank you!

Google “Small SEO Tools free plagiarism checker,” upload your article, check it for plagiarism and if it passes take a screenshot of the result and send this, the article and the Small SEO tools link to your client.

Doing the above, you can prove that your article isn’t plagiarized. If your buyer still has an issue just advise him that you will carry out a revision but since you have proven that the article is unique this revision will cost a further $5. In the worst case, your buyer is going to trash you with a poor review but your riding a sea of magic reviews at the mo and one rubbish one won’t hurt.

Even if the plagiarism tool does say that like a little bit of your article is plagiarized (often, it’ll give a false positive because you used sentence constructions that someone else online has used before), you can explain to him that you did not plagiarize and that those tools are not foolproof. If he doesn’t believe you, tell him to show you exactly what in your article is plagiarized and where it was plagiarized from. He probably won’t be able to give you specifics and will hopefully realize that he’s being a jerk and back off.

As a buyer I always check for plagiarism, but if your buyer is claiming you plagiarized then he should be able to point to what you actually plagiarized. The onus of proof is on him.

I had a seller send me material that was clearly a google search away to find it on the internet, I sent them a link and noted where I felt he had copied the work and tried to sell it to me as original… ended up having to cancel the order because after three different tries he didn’t learn I’m able to find this stuff and send him links to it.

Just saying, he needs to provide the proof your work is fake.

Sure take a screenshot of the threat and send it to customer support. They will give you the best advice on how to handle this.

First, I must say you have a beautiful smile.

As you said, you did a good job and delivered what was asked for. A threat of a bad review is not such a bad thing. You have lots of good 5 star reviews and one bad review is not going to harm you. I agree it is an unfair bad review.
Do not cancel the order because of a threat then you are letting the buyer win and giving them free work.

Keep smiling, my friend. And report the buyer to the fiverr customer support team. They will sort it out.