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Buyer tipped $20 instead of $5 by mistake

Hi, apologies if this has been covered but I’ve had a buyer somehow tip me $20 instead of $5 and then he marked the sale as complete.

is there way to now go back and rerun him his $15?


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Hello. You should contact Fiverr support team

He told you it was a mistake?
Maybe you can do something “for free” ?

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i think it was for a one off project :confused:

I think I have the opposite problem a lot of the time.

Contact customer support and explain, they should be able to issue a partial refund.


I think we need more flexibility when it comes to refunds and things like that.

Contact support. That’s the only way around it unless you purchase a “gig” from them for $15.

If the buyer did not complain then…

shut up


That’s actually really good advice :smiley:

If he tipped you $20 then why would you think it’s a mistake? There are some generous buyers on fiverr.


probably should have said but assumed it was obvious, He asked me for the $15 back and said it was a mistake… of course would gladly accept a $20 tip

Wow that’s really not cool at all to give you $20 and say it was a mistake and to give back $15! I’m not sure how to do that.