Buyer tipped me $100


I had a buyer who got a $5 order from me come back two days later and tell me he wanted to give me another $100. He said he couldn’t tip more than $25.
I made him a custom order for the amount of $100. He was pleased with what he got for $5, my Bullet Proof Protection Spell which he had purchased in the past, and was grateful. My buyers are the nicest people in the world.


Wow that’s really amazing … Congrats !




Awesome sauce right there.


Yeah, I guess that’s because what you offer is unique…and can make a huge difference on people’s lives…


In this case lifesaving.


Omg! That’s awesome. Soooooo looks like you’re going to give us treat. Right? :smiley:


Congratulations misscrystal, you really deserve this and I am very happy for you.
Keep making people fulfilled and happy!


Wow that is pretty awesome.


Congrats on the $100 (it goes without saying), but I come here to ask why you have bUllet rather than bullet. It’s making me twitch a little :smiley:


exactly :smiley:


Huzzah for big moneyz!

Send the client to me next! :stuck_out_tongue:


Amazing! So nice to hear that there are buyers out there who are appreciative. Congrats!