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Buyer to Seller Video Chat

I think ordering and selling gigs could be easier if there was a way to talk with buyers and sellers directly. I know it would be chaotic for high level sellers but you can turn it off if it becomes to much of a hassle. It would be a nice feature that both sides need to agree on to use and there is a 1 hour limit for every gig order. I know that there would need to be strict rules to keep anything bad from happening and I think it should be for Level 2 and up sellers along with a disabling for violators of the rules that then have to prove that they weren’t disobeying Policies. To keep people from “trolling” and just reporting others for no reason they have to fill out a form saying what rule was broken and how, it would then be reviewed buy a Fiverr employee that would decide the ruling.

I highly agree. I want a complicated website made and the prospect of emailing all my requirements seems crazy! I just got a warning for suggesting Skype. I really want to speak to the person making it.