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Buyer told he will give me tips for his extra tasks, after done all tasks but he don't

There is no way to ask buyers for tips i know that. but the buyer wants to give me tips for his extra tasks. after completing his all tasks but he did not give me any tips. i don’t ask him for tips. i just forget that. :slight_smile:


Nothing you can do about it. Whether or not the buyer leaves a tip is entirely up to them … although Fiverr does send several messages to remind them to leave one.

Don’t rely on tips. Charge a realistic amount for your gigs so you won’t need them.


I agree - also, if they want something extra, either send them another gig offer or, if you have the ability to at your level, add it to your gig as an add-on. As my father is fond of saying, conversational promises are worth the paper they’re printed on.