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Buyer told me he just filed a chargeback

Hey, so I’d really appreciate it if anyone could help me with this. So, a buyer recently asked for “revisions” which were actually completely new concepts for the art. They sent a request to extend the delivery time after I delivered the order (which I foolishly accepted), thinking that they would accept my request to pay extra for the new art. They then told me that they don’t want to pay, and that they started a chargeback on paypal that takes 2 days to go through. I’ve already contacted CS, but they usually take more than 2 days to respond, so I was wondering if reporting the account is better, or what else I could do to prevent this?

A different buyer last month made a chargeback on an order and it completely ruined my account, taking me out of search, and cutting my monthly income from 1k dollars a month to less than 200 a month, which I still have not recovered from. I really don’t want anything else worse to happen to my account.

Any advice is appreciated!


In theory chargebacks through paypal are automatically refunded and the buyer who does it is banned. In theory.

Wait for CS … and when you have their attention, tell them about the other orderwith a chargeback and ask them to sort that one out at the same time.

Just to be clear: chargebacks are a breach of TOS


Thanks for your reply!
I know that buyers are banned after making chargebacks, but at that point the damage is already done to my account, and CS doesn’t remove the negative effects from your account (low order completion rate, and losing your search rank).

I just wish that CS could fix this issue of sellers being punished for fraudulent activity on the buyer’s part.

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That would certainly be good too …

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