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Buyer told me he loves the work, but doesn't accept delivery

Hey, I’ve been working with this guy. I showed him some final versions of the work, he told me that he loves it, then an hour later I proceed to deliver the work and he never accepted the delivery it or even answered my messages (though I can see he’s online almost all the time). The work is delivered but the order time has expired by 12 hours by now. What should I do? Could this affect me in a negative way? Should I only wait and nothing more? Thanks!

Hey. As long as you delivered “officially”, on the order page, through the deliver button, before the deadline, there’s nothing to worry about.

Some buyers always complete the order manually and leave a review, some only complete the order but don’t leave a review, or leave one but only every tenth order, some sometimes or always let the order autocomplete, some …

Let them do their thing and do yours in the meantime. If they don’t complete the order manually, it will autocomplete 3 days after you delivered.

There is also the possibility that he didn’t complete the order yet because he might want more time to check thoroughly and might want to ask for a revision within those 3 days that Fiverr grants buyers to check the deliverables, but in that case, again, as long as your original delivery was on time, all’s well.

And they can leave a review for up to ten days, so even if the order autocompletes, there’s still a chance that they’ll leave a review if they liked your work.
But if not, don’t worry either, some buyers rarely, and some never leave reviews, even if they like the work and will come back.
People have their own reasons for (not) completing/reviewing, and it’s best to leave it alone.

In short: You’ve done your part, now, yes, just wait and see.

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An order Auto Completes after 3 days. He may well be leaving it for that.

Just wait - fun as that is.


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Thanks for the replies, yes I delivered on time so I’m not worried I just was wondering why he didn’t accept the order. But you guys are right, I just did my part so now I’m going to wait. Thanks!

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Sometimes…, buyer is working for a company, and they need time to discuss the final delivery.
As long as you deliver it before the deadline…, you are safe.

Don’t surprice when buyer ask for revisions eventhough the order already complete.
It happens and its up to seller whether or not to help buyer with the revisions.

I understand that this could happen, however I’ve worked with this person two times already and he’s not working for a company (I am musician and made some beats for him), usually we have great communication too, that was what I was worried. But I’m ready if he wants more revisions so I’ll just wait. Thank you for your answer.