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Buyer Took Order From Me And Cancelled The Order

A buyer placed an order for a fact-based article on an insect. I completed the order and gave it to him. He didn’t say anything about having a problem or about copy-rights violation. The next day, the order was canceled, the reason Fiverr gave me was a copy-rights violation, I ran my article through a plagiarism checker and it had 15% plagiarism which was expected as it was a fact-based article like " this is the Asian horned beetle, and it originated from here". These things you can’t right on your own obviously as they are simple sentence based facts. But, the thing is, the buyer didn’t say anything to me, no “this is copied this” or “change this”. He took the article and out of the blue, canceled the order and I got a TOS warning because of it. Now my order completion rate is down from 100% to 83%. When I asked him as to why he did and didn’t say anything to me, he blocked me. Should Fiverr really allow this kind of power to buyers before listening to both sides?

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I believe that the dialogue is fundamental, but I imagine that the customer should have the right to resort directly to support. That way, he has the right to cancel for plagiarism and you can try to challenge him in support for providers. Anyway, I recommend that you always check similar or equal sentences, so that this does not happen again. Whatever your choice, I wish you luck.


It has happened to me too. It is really sad and nothing to say.

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I don’t mind him canceling, I don’t like that he didn’t say anything to me and it is most likely that he will use my article. The only thing is I won’t get paid for the hard work I put into it.

I understand, it can be really frustrating. Please contact support. I hope you can resolve this as soon as possible.