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Buyer Took the Delivery and Also the Money!


Just yesterday, I got an order for my gig, a Youtube Subscribe Animation button.

In short, Gave the delivery, buyer gave me a 5 star rating in all 3 cases, (communication, service, buy again) plus a good review.
Her review - (Seller was responsive, professional and quick!)

On the Chat however, she mentioned she’d never run a channel on youtube, its her first time.
When she asked for my help on (I’m posting her / our chat)-


Hi Vivian(My name, seller), Thank you for the extra(the extra was added sound effects). I am new to running a channel on YouTube, can you please tell me “how” I attach this button.
Thank you, K********(Buyer, her name)

Me: In your editing software, import this and place it on top of a video.

Buyer: So, it has to be done when the video is being created?

Me: After its done recording…while editing.

Buyer: Sorry to trouble you with this one again, but YouTube says that the file is too big? Preferred file format is PNG or GIF…Can you kindly help me.

Me: I suppose you don’t have an editing software ? When you’re editng a video you have to bring this file (the one that I gave you), and place it on top of your video.

Me: Youtube is simply used for Uploading videos, not for editing.

Me: Get a Video Editor like Filmora, Adobe Premiere / Elements, Final Cut, It will help you a great deal managing your videos.

Buyer: What I did is to go into Video manager, and then branding (YouTube) and there it is uploaded. From what I googled, it just needs to be uploaded “how” I just stated??

Buyer: It can be added now, with the video up and running on YouTube.

Me: Yeah, but its simply not the ideal way to do it. Because of file size too big issues, and file format importing, which I why I said get a video Editor.

Buyer: Thanks, but that does not really help me at this moment. :slight_smile:

Me: Well, I’m sorry to hear that, but everyone uses a video editor to edit their videos, and then use Youtube to upload it.

Buyer: I thank you, and I figured it out. And no, that’s not what everyone does. May God bless you.

Me: You mean you uploaded it through Youtube?

Buyer: Not the one you made for me, but a free one.

Me: Well I’m glad you found the answer :smile: All the best with your music :+1: Good Stuff

Buyer: Don’t you think you should refund my money?

Me: I’m sorry ? You bought by your own choice. If you didn’t want the product you should’ve retracted atleast after ordering. But after getting the order delivered in your hands, now you want money back ?. So you basically are trying to take from me free then.


Btw the entire chat is happenning after the product is delivered.

Now if you see towards the end of the chat, something clicked with the buyer and she said she “figured it out” - whatever that means,

and then she adds “not the one you made but a free one.”

  • if you check on her youtube channel, I don’t see a damn thing,

So Today I wake up, and saw the buyer cancelled the order.

She gave me a good review, a 5 star rating in all 3 cases- which means she’s happy with the order, got the delivery, and still you want to take the money, and not pay me for my work ?
Still want to behave like this.

I don’t even know what to call you anymore.
I feel like I’ve been scammed.

Now that the ranting is over, how do I avoid such buyers / such things from happening in the future?

P.S.: I wish I fiverr let me post the buyers info.


Did the buyer send you an official request for cancellation and the gig was canceled due to acceptance or inaction by you? If you agreed to a cancellation request that was sent through the resolution center then there is not much else you can do - you normally wouldn’t want to accept after delivery.

If the order was canceled by Customer Support there are two possibilities. One is that the buyer filed a PayPal chargeback and that’s rude but you have limited options. You should report it to Support since the buyer account will be banned for filing a chargeback.

If the buyer’s account is still active but Support sent you a notice that they canceled the order, the buyer probably complained about you. I’ve seen much worse, you didn’t do badly, but there are some things you can modify with your wording in the future. That last comment you made to the buyer about taking from you for free was slightly unprofessional and Support could easily have agreed to refund the buyer if the complaint about your wording.

It isn’t necessary to say things like that even if you feel them or they are true. You just need to stay super professional and explain that you do not cancel after an order has been delivered. Keep it totally unemotional and non-accusatory. Once a buyer complains about your words, Support tends to agree with the buyer and they will not give you the funds back even if it was a chargeback.

Edited to add: I saw that you mentioned not being able to say the buyer’s name here. There is a good reason for not allowing negative comments by username. It applies to sellers AND buyers. If it was allowed, someone could make things up just because they were angry and post bad things about sellers or buyers on the forum. No one would be allowed to post your name with negative comments either since we cannot determine what is true or not. It protects everyone.


Contact to fiverr CS and complain him.


Thanks for your reply,

The order was cancelled by Fiverr Customer Support.

Thinking back, what I think I also should’ve done, is get her to mark the order as complete.

I agreed about the last part, I did snapped. I should be more conscious about this in the future.

This is the first time such a thing has happened to me on fiverr.


This is the site for customer support right ? -
do I create a new ticket ?


I see a couple of things in your communications that could be better.

For one thing, a lot of people new to youtube use the youtube built in video editor. So you could have acknowledged that and then more gently suggested she find an editing software. It would be good to put in your gig description that they will need to use editing software to add it to their video.

And as was already mentioned you should not have put in the part about her trying for a free service. Be very careful how you communicate.

Or, you could have offered to add it to her video yourself for a small extra fee, sent in a custom order or an extra to her order. You could have an extra on your gig for this.

I agree you did do the job, and I’m sorry it happened this way to you. It may have been how you communicated that was the cause of the refund, as fonthaunt mentioned. Or, simply delivering this without offering to add it to their videos might not be the best way to do this.


There is no way to avoid these buyers, unfortunately. You can weed some of them out, though.

If you an opportunity to have a long chat with them before the order is placed, you can ask what file format, size, anything else they need the delivery in, if there are any specific technical requirements you need to fulfill.

You can get them to give you specific answers and confirm that this is what they want. Also, while doing that you can almost definitely tell if the person is completely clueless on a technical side of the subject. Or if they try really hard to avoid giving you any concrete answers to the point it starts to sound intentional.

And in this case, you can decide for yourself if you need this headache and free consultation sessions you’re going to have after they accept the delivery and return to you with all kinds of issues and problems imaginable 3 weeks later.

Also, always try to be polite and sound as clinical and as emotionless as possible. No outbursts.