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Buyer Total Order Completion Rate

I’ve had a few occasions where the buyers account showed it was 1-3 years old but no reviews yet. They are very friendly in the beginning, very open to offers and once I delivered they didn’t like the work or they don’t want it anymore. Hence, they wanted to cancel which I accepted. This lead to reduced completion rate as I worked only a handful of big orders. Lost my level badges and now kind of worried about new potential buyers who resemble a similar profile. I really hope fiverr holds dishonest buyers accountable. Perhaps if we could know somehow if the buyer had been cancelling orders all the time then we can at least know the truth about their intentions.


I’m sorry for your bad experience, but the above is kind of mutually exclusive.

If sellers simply accept to cancel for no good reason (if a buyer “didn’t like the work”, they can ask for a revision and tell you what exactly they didn’t like (and even that isn’t really a reason for a cancellation in itself unless you made mistakes or didn’t do things as briefed, etc.; if a buyer “don’t want it anymore”, well, too bad for them, but they ordered it and you spent your precious time on earth on it), of course, shady buyers are going to do the same over and over again.
Fiverr can’t know about and hold those dishonest buyers accountable if you just accept the buyers’ cancellation requests. If you have done everything as described in your Gig/as agreed for a custom offer, don’t accept cancellation requests.


I’ve tried to communicate by requesting what they don’t like or how we can complete the job. On few occasions it worked as the buyers were also keen to get the work done. But there were times where the buyer had no intention to complete the order at all. I’ve checked their profiles long after the cancellation.

For example, a buyer had an order for packaging designs, where after following all the requirements and delivering the order the buyer wanted a refund as she didn’t like the work and doesn’t want to continue with me. Given that fiverr always sides with the buyers at the end, I accepted the cancellation. I check the profile today as well, it’s been almost 3 months and the buyer’s profile is almost 2 years old. Still I see they have no reviews. I understand this alone cannot define a buyer’s dishonesty but sometimes the whole scenario makes you think are there some buyers who order to cancel only. It’s understandable that they might have bad experience with me but what happened to other orders or did they even hire anyone after that. Which makes the question apparent that are they using the cancellation policy to benefit themselves.

The way fiverr penalizes seller’s for low order completion rate, is there any measurement to control a buyers movement like cancelling almost all orders over the span of their account lifeline. There’s always possibility these people can open new account again if fiverr even suspends their account. My basic point is we sellers go through a lot screening so the buyers can have a pleasant experience. Which is extremely necessary and I stand by the policies. But is there any policy that screens buyers at all? To what extent we can trust any random buyer, with an account years old but no reviews or ratings.

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Never agree to a cancellation if you’ve delivered what’s been ordered. You can give CS a heads up at the first sign of trouble, but make sure they know you don’t want to cancel.

Buyers are screened on the basis of “can they pay with a credit card?”. If yes, then go right ahead and make an order.

Accepting cancellations is a mistake. Don’t do it. Fiverr TOS are very clear on this: “Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig Page. Buyers may rate their experience with the Seller on the Order Page, including the overall level of service quality received.”

Some buyers are just plain scummy - don’t encourage them …


I see your points, but my point is don’t cancel for non-reasons, because you enable dishonest buyers by accepting such cancellation requests.
And if someone “ordered accidentally” and you didn’t even start with the work before they put in the cancellation request, don’t accept their cancellation but cancel through support, so they can cancel in a way it won’t count against your order completion rate.


Thank you for boosting my confidence level on this matter. On one hand I have no problem giving a refund if the request is legitimate. But there were occasions where the buyers behavior were shady. I also had a misconception that going against a buyer might turn fiverr against me as truly buyers are a vital part of the eco-system. But from now on, I would contact support. Thank you.

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