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Buyer tricked me!


I lost my full ratio because of my order cancellation. Buyer tricked me with the complete details. The project was on fixing issues of a website. When I was working on the project I found that the buyer did not give me the full details. I told him about this which is I found more issues on the website during working on the project. The buyer said we can not give full details all the time, it’s not possible. I understood that and told him now you know more issues came forward. So I asked the buyer if you want me to fix those too, you have to upgrade the price. The buyer said these are simple issues, there is no need to upgrade the price, we argued little. But in the end, I stopped, because I was afraid if the buyer could give me a negative review. I fixed two issues out of the agreement. But it happened again, I found more and he said the same thing to me. I was seeing that if this went like that it could take time like two weeks for $30 to fix a ton of issues. The website code was at its low standard. Time is valuable, right?. Then I decided to cancel the order. After a long argument, the buyer agreed to cancel the order mutually.

Now I have two questions to dear freelancer friends:

  1. Can I able to get my full ratio again in order completion?
  2. Will the future buyers go away after seeing this ratio like how it will impact on my profile?


If a buyer asks you to fix certain issues and you accept the order, you should fix those issues only and deliver the order. You can inform the buyer that you noticed other issues that weren’t covered and that they are welcome to order again anytime if they want more help. Being pushy with a buyer and asking for more money to fix additional issues is not an effective way to build client relationships. It is not really your problem if the buyer’s site has low standards or needs more work. You just do the job as it was ordered and go from there.

As to your questions:

1.) Your completion rate will go up when you complete more orders. It’s based on statistics. There are some great posts on the forum explaining how to calculate your completion rate.

2.) Your future buyers can’t see your completion rate. You just need to maintain a rate high enough to keep or advance in seller levels but the buyer cannot see all your analytics.


Thank you for the advice @fonthaunt. That was the problem, I told him about the issues and he asked me to fix those issues by saying that these are simple. Then I asked money for those additional issues and he refused this is how it started.


I am actually in a place like you. The buyer’s requirements keep changing, they look at a competitor’s website, and the process starts afresh… :grinning::grin::rofl::sweat_smile:

A 3-hour job is getting to 4 days… hahahah. I doubt, if I am close to getting the 5star rating, I don’t care much about ratings, though I should. I care to deliver what I promised within the time I promised.

Where I can, I go the extra mile. And where I can’t I draw the line and stand firm.

Some buyers just have a way of testing our resolve. Makes me think to offer cheap services isn’t the way.


I checked your profile, and on my PC it shows that you have 9 reviews with average 0.0 stars…


hahaha…ofcourse it is a fiverr bug


Contact CS. They might help you.



It shows fine my end. Thankyou

Will do that. Let me give it a day or two.


@fonthaunt already explained well. I agree with her that you should fix those issues you are hired for.


@joxpress it same from my end. I think @ammarshrf is right. You should contact CS immediately.


Thanks @aminulawedesign

I will definitely contact them.