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Buyer Tricked Me


So, through the buyer request I was able to secure a logo design project for a person who had the rough sketches and wanted me to make a high quality of them on illustrator which i did and he was pretty satisfied with it so much that he gave me another 5 sketches and said he will give me tip I made those too. Now, I made all of these and gave the buyer all the files in PNG,JPG and the Ai as promised in my gig.
Now, after 24 hours he has requested to cancel the order and told me that he doesn’t like my desigsn and that he will contact me in future for further projects.
It is important to keep in mind that he loved the original first two designs and I have proof of him saying that.
What should I do now? As i’m new to Fiverr community and this is my first time getting scammed on this website by a buyer


Whatever you do, don’t refund him… and contact Fiverr customer support, providing them with screenshots of the order. Let them make the determination if you’ve fulfilled the order according to the buyer’s request. Also, you may want to show your buyer the part in the TOS that states personal taste is not a reason to cancel an order.

Good luck!


Thanks for the advice Emerald, I’ll do that now


He can’t force a cancellation based on personal taste, so don’t refund him. He may leave horrible feedback, but there is a good chance Customer Support will back you up (if you provide enough evidence) and remove it for you.

But even if he was extra sneaky in his ways, and there is not enough evidence to remove poopy feedback, don’t refund him - just make sure to give him the same rating and explain yourself in the comment.