Buyer Tried To Burn Me For My First Review Here


Hi. I’m new to Fiverr. I advertised to write reviews for any product.

I was surprised to get my first buyer the first day I joined, and I set out to write a comprehensive review with 500 plus words.

The product was a router table, and the table came with accessories, which I added into my own original review. I added the specs as well. As I was in the middle of witting that review, the buyer gave me another job, which I accepted

Well, the buyer does a “copy scape” check, and tells me she is not happy, and wants a full refund!

Well, I knew 100% she was not being truthful because I know I had written a really good review myself. So, I had to put out my own $10 to buy credits on “copy scape”, so I could see that the buyer was upset about.

It turns out that, some of the accessories, and the specs of the router table had shown up throughout other reviews! I could not believe it! This buyer could not understand the difference between copying someone else’s work, and having accessories, and specs of an exact same router table, come up throughout a completely ligitimate, original review!

I was truly stunned, and yet, in an attempt to make the buyer happy, I offered to remove all mention of the router table accessories and specs, but that was not good enough for this buyer. She wanted a full refund.

So, in the end, I was forced to spend $10 to gain access to “copy scape” to scan a completely ligitimate 100% original review for a $5 job!

This is ridiculous! It’s like being upset because the actual brand name of the product shows up in copy scape because the product, in fact I would be willing to predict, all brand names of all products would show up in almost every review ever written review through copy scape! That does not add up to plagiarism, or copying!

Adding ACCESSORIES and SPECIFICATIONS of a tool into an original review IS NOT plagiarism, or copying!

What kind of a review, does not give potential customers a detailed list of specs and accessories?

So, I tried my best to explain the difference between copying, and listing a product’s accessories, but the buyer would not budge.

As foolish as I believed it was, I offered to remove the offending list of parts from the review, and you flatly refused, demanding a full refund instead.

I am seriously disappointed with my first experience ending up like this, and now, the buyer has given me a bad feedback which will effect any future work I may receive.

I sent a detailed complaint to the resolution team, and attached the review for their scrutiny, so I’ll just have to wait and see where it goes from here.

I asked the buyer to send a cancellation request for the second review, which I did not complete because of all the nonsense. The buyer, had sent a cancellation request prior, and I not knowing it was for just the second, uncompleted job, and believing it was a request to cancel both jobs, I refused.

I have sent the buyer a couple of request to re send the cancellation and I will accept it, but only for the work on the second review. I feel like that is more than fair. Especially when I actually had to spend $10 to get access to “copy scape"

In the future, I will be extremely careful about exactly what the buyer expects and what is reasonable, such as accessories and specifications which will obviously show up in any competent, thorough review.

If I read a product review, and I see whatever product I’m interested in shows no accessories, and another similar product review shows accessories included, as well as the product specs, I’m far more likely to buy the one with the important additional information. I tried to explain this to the buyer but her train was on the tracks right from the start, and there was no turning it around with her.

In the end, it’s a real shame, because I am 50 years young, and retired, and can devote all my time making sure my work in thorough, original, and comprehensive. I am articulate, and I have written thousands of lyrics being a lead singer in a rock band for over 30 years, and I have written a manuscript for my own book, which I will be marketing soon. I have integrity and lots of experience, and I’m certainly not going to steal someone else’s work, or scam $5 from anyone.

I am a fair, and honest, and I take this very seriously, however this buyer is just one of those difficult people, who are never satisfied, and want things for free.

I have removed all mention of the cheating buyer at request of the"sheriff”. All mention of the specific buyer’s name had been changed by the moderator, except she missed one, whioch I have removed.

I still believe such names should be exposed so they don’t scam others. However, I am a rule follower, and so the next time, if there is o0ne, I will simply send a complaint to customer support.

John Bronzesnake


Well, first off, don’t ever mention another person’s username on the forums…

And secondly, it’s the nature of the beast in freelance work, especially in the writing department. That is a huge reason why I quit writing in pursuit of other things. You are going to run across a lot of people like this wanting free gigs. The best thing you can do is be courteous, try to explain yourself, and then let Customer Support take it from there. We’ve all had our share of buyers that are like this. I personally ask Customer Support to just cancel the order, which removes the negative feedback and then I send the buyer a message telling them that in the future, their orders will be ignored and to please do business with someone else as I will not bother with people trying to waste my time looking for free handouts.


Some person done this to me before, only that time I purchased the credits and found out it did pass copyscape, which sucked.


I once had this problem but not within Fiverr. A private client emailed me to say that a review I wrote didn’t pass copyscape and sent the results through. The results showed that it was the keyword phrase that wasn’t passing! When I pointed that out, the client backed down and paid the amount due. I haven’t heard from him since though…that was about two years ago.

Another one did it recently with a grammar check and it was the keyword phrase that wasn’t grammatically correct - and I’d already pointed this out before writing and explained how Google hates this now. I offered to do some keyword research of my own to find something similar that was grammatically correct but that it would cost a little extra but the client refused and just paid what was due.

It’s a strange world with writing and difficult to make people happy.


Thank you everyone, for your comments.

I have to respectfully disagree about mentioning a user name. User names do not divulge any personal information, and if we have problems with the same buyer, which apparently, at least one other person posted that they did, then how are we supposed to help protect our fellow sellers from being burned by the same person?

Having said that, I removed one that you (moderator) missed. I do appreciate your reply.

Thank you.

John Bronzesnake