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Buyer tried to cancel after get the work

I received one order from a buyer that purchased without read my gig… i delivery the work in “February 07” and in “February 08” the buyer tried to cancel the order.

This buyer notice that this is not what he was looking for just when i finished the work. (I make layout design, not development) As this is not my fault i don’t will cancel the order.

So i have two doubts:

  1. Normally, the order is market as automatically complete after 3 days, so the 3 days will count after “February 07” or “February 08”?

  2. The order should be completed today, but the order still active with the last status: “CANCELLATION REQUEST DECLINED” so i should delivery again the final work?


If the Buyer says it is not what they are looking for, that’s why they cancelled the order.

I would accept the cancellation and move on.

You will encounter some Buyers who do this.

It’s not fair to new Sellers, but it happens.


I get your point of view, but my GIG title is very clear about what i delivery… and in my gig description is written what i don’t do. For me is really confuse of how some person accept an offer without read what i’ll provide.

After spend days working on the project i don’t will cancel, all the informations was very clearly…

You could. Then you would begin a game of you reject the cancellation, and your buyer asks for cancellation over and over and over.

Or the buyer could go to CS and ask for a cancellation, and they may or may not get it.

If the buyer finally accepts your order, as a new seller, you need to consider if it is worth a possible poor review?


I think you don’t quite understand me.

The Buyer decided to cancel.

You can’t do much about it.

Plus, it doesn’t matter how detailed you are in your profile or Gig descriptions…some Buyers won’t read any of it.

I can’t cancel for two points: This is not my fault and i don’t know if this is some kind of scam? We sellers can’t cancel so easy

Buyer ease of cancellation:

Well, then I wish you luck.

You posted on the Forum looking for advice.

We’ve given it to you.

Good luck, but you’ll discover that you are wasting your time fighting over an order the Buyer doesn’t want.

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Thanks for share this link, but this link don’t answer my question about the deadline of the order… this is what i wanna know

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This one, then, maybe?

Every time you refuse the cancellation request it adds two days for the buyer to either choose to complete the order or decline your request to not cancel.

I read one seller who had to refuse the cancellation request 75 times!

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Oh, wait, are you asking about the revision ‘LATE’ bug?
As long as you’ve delivered the original order on time, revisions won’t count against the deadline.

Nope, his buyer is trying to cancel.

No, the orders are automatically completed after 3 days. But in my case the buyer tried to cancel the order… i declined… so what will happen now?

  • The order will be automatically completed 3 days after the “Last Delivery”

  • Or the order will be automatically completed 3 days after i “Declined the cancelation”

I think its better not delivery again.Because your client send you a cancellation request.If you delivery again your buyer may be give you a bad review that’s your lose.Yeah it automatically completed 3 days but buyer can send cancel request about 90 days.Its better to talk your buyer.

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I already had a client that opened revisions without stopping… just to make me give up and cancel the order. In the end i won, the order was automatically completed. We spend days working in some projects and we can’t give up so easy… as everyone know there’s all kind of buyers like scammers.

So, you want to know when the order will auto-complete. I’m not sure, but it would be safest to assume 72 hours from the last activity in the order (not counting messages).


Probably you are right, maybe will close 3 days after i refused the cancellation. I’ll keep you informed about the situation.

To avoid this kind of situation, I wrote (CONTACT ME BEFORE ORDERING) on my gig

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Please keep in mind, the buyer will be able to leave a review (possibly a negative one) after completing the order. Even the buyer can cancel the order via CS, if he have a good point (even after completing). So I recommend you to think about that.