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Buyer tried to scam

So something really interesting happened to me few days ago. This one buyer tried to cancel the order after I delivered the revision he requested. His revision was to change some of the product images which I did. Then he sent me the cancellation saying he wanted a video and not an image. Mind you that this buyer was extremely rude. Obviously it sounded so suspicious, so I went to his Facebook page and I saw that he has already used my image. I took a screenshot and video proof of this and waited till he responded. I declined his initial cancellation request saying that the buyer did not read my service description. Again he sends me the cancellation request, but this time with a threat saying that he will post a bad review about me. So what I did was I said you can do that not a problem. But before doing that you can check the image I attached (proof that he already used my ad). I also mentioned that I will leave a nice review about him too. I am yet to hear from the buyer. Guess he did not take it very well. XD


You should inform fiverr support the whole incident. Post all the screenshot of the conversation between you and the buyer and post the proof that you collected. Hopefully that scammer would be blocked from fiverr platform.

I am currently facing something similar, but worst thing is my order get cancelled even I decline Cancellation request.
I cant find how, but may be she blocked here payment method or something because the small notifications was popuped on my mobile app when it happend.
But I instantly open ticket and waiting for CS :slight_smile:

This kind of scam is increasing day by day. If this continues than a lot of sellers will start avoiding Fiverr platform.


And fiverr CS replied to my ticket in just 10 minutes ;D
people are complaining about fiverr CS all the day but look at this…how quick they are :slight_smile:

Contacting CS in this kind of situation is best…they always try best to help out right one !

I agree with you. I think when there is an unwanted cancellation request from the buyer than we should immediately inform about it to fiverr support so that they can investigate about the buyer. Only fiverr can identify if the buyer has any tendency of regular cancellation or not. I think those buyers who cancel regularly should be blocked from fiverr platform.

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You are lucky. I still have two open tickets in Fiverr support, which are awaiting a response from Fiverr support.

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Yeah, I know buddy. Just don’t want to get involved in drama. If something happened to my account I would have definitely informed CS. I just have too much work to deal with. This just does not concern me much.

Oh, that is something new. I did not know that could happen. Good to know, thanks for the heads up.

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So fiverr CS confirmed it as a fraud too…and they replied me again just before 10 minutes that they are forwarding request further to see it they can compensate me !
But CS agent still sounds like he is not sure if fiverr can compensate or not…but yes it was more like fraudulent transaction from buyer.

that mean less sellers mean lesser competitors hahaha.

Very true. I dont think avoiding Fiverr is a good move unless you have a steady income to work on other similar platforms.

Thanks for the update. A few years ago, I lost a significant amount of money because of some fraud buyers. That time Fiverr didn’t start compensating the sellers. I felt quite devastated after those incidents.

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Now another thing :smiley: that buyer cancelled order this morning and her account is no more activate !!

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Nicely handled the situation brother. Your experience will help some of the sellers to avoid that type of scams.

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