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Buyer tries to get my work for free

I completed a translation for a buyer and he claims my work was done poorly. Now I have a 5-star(32) review so his claims are false. He keeps asking revisions so he never accepts my work and doesn’t pay.
Personally, even if he was right and the work was done poorly the work cannot be undone and I should be paid for the work I was asked to do.

Is there something I can do to stop him from not accepting my work? I only now discovered the feature that limites the amount of revisions so it was not turned on at the time of the order.


You can just contact the support to review your work…

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Fiverr ****ing cancelled the order and give him the money tf is this **** I don’t work for free

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Be careful using language like that, even though you censored it. You can actually appeal also and be compensated if you have a good enough reason.

Message him that he cannot use that work, and then immediately post it to your own site/blog. That’s what I do when someone steals my work.

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