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Buyer try to scam + ask for revision but from the start

Hi. So recently I got a buyer that want me to edit his video. He asked for a 3 minutes video with estimated delivery time 3 hours for $50. But he ordered $5 package first and then when i sent the video, he wanted me to do custom offer for $50 and then complete the order.
I know that was a scam so after debating each other, he finally wanted to order again with $20 custom offer.

NOTE : the $20 one is the standard custom offer with delivery time 3 hours + only 1 revision. Not the PREMIUM one that have unlimited revisions

After I edited his video and delivered it, he asked for a revision to change the music & sync the music to the game again. It’s like editing from the beginning again. Even at the requirements, he agreed that he wanted me to sync with the old music. But then, he asked me to re-do it again with different song.
Any advice guys? Sorry for bad english tho :rofl:


Really sorry to hear it. You have two options brother no other option is possible , sooner your realize these are your options sooner you will be able to take action according to what suits best for you

  1. Cancel the order.
  2. Do the reivisions untill seller is satisfied.
    Truely very sorry but there is no other way brother , people have asked me to do the job of 1200 usd in 30 usd and i had no choice but to do it to avoid cancellation…

Fiverr support wont help , thats 2000 percent sure as i have 2 cancelled orders , support never listen to sellers


Welp, that’s terrible options but I might have to accept that :joy:. Our hardwork would be paid for nothing. Thanks for your advice tho. I really appreciate it :ok_hand:

Your welcome. Best of luck. It happens once in a month to everyone.

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Anyone who does this is going to be a bad buyer. This itself is a scam, so why wouldn’t the rest of it be a scam? You should have cancelled.

This was a huge red flag that this buyer is a scammer. You ignored the signs and that’s why you got burned.


Uhh, there is also a third option. Decline the revision requests by resubmitting your work and state that you have already delivered what was described in the original order and that any further work would entail further cost.

Standing firm will quite likely peeve off the buyer, but the buyer probably thought you were a pushover and would cave in to their demands in the first place…

This option will likely result in a negative review if the order winds up complete, but is also the only option in which you may get paid without continuing to toil away on the order for no additional cost.


For this order, I have no advice. For potential future orders I would advise you to think carefully now about your pricing structure and who you choose to work with. This is why…

  1. Video editing is very subjective and often revisions are required to the edit. It is therefore a time consuming service to offer. In my opinion no seller should be offering video editing services for $5. Don’t even give this option. Any buyer who places an order for $5 for video editing will either be a fool or abusive. Either way, you don’t want to work with them.

  2. Following on from the above thought, any buyer who demands a three hour service is either disorganised, unrealistic, a fool or abusive. Don’t let them place their stress on you. As @humanissocial has said, you missed a classic warning sign.

Sellers need to protect their accounts - not open them up to abuse.


same problem here brother .
I tell you not repeat my mistake (cencel order) .this is not good for your freelancer life.

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Yea I should have cancelled it. But at first, I didn’t realized he was telling me to send the video first. So I’m kinda stupid to continue it :sweat_smile:

Yea that way does work too. Thanks for the option tho :grin::grin:

Yea you’re totally right. And I just didn’t realized and just believed what he said. So this all was my fault tho and I need to finish it :sweat_smile:

If you do choose that option, be prepared to play “order tennis” with the buyer, as they might continually resubmit revision requests and you’ll have to continually resubmit the work already completed, leaving the order in a state of limbo until one side gives up.


Yep. Even if he try to contact Fiverr Support I can just give the proof that he was trying to scam me. But imma just gonna re-do it. 3 minutes isn’t that long. I just hope he won’t req a revisions again. Or I’ll just do your way

I quickly looked at your gig and saw the dreaded “Unlimited Revisions” feature in your premium package. I hope this client of yours did not purchase that option or you are plain out of luck…


Nope. He was buying the standard package but with ultra fast delivery time (3 Hours) that’s why it kinda expensive

You offer unlimited revisions in the premium package, if he ordered this package he has every right to ask you how many revisions he wants, also if you made him a custom offer you had the option to add the number of revisions.


He was buying standard package with ultra delivery package (custom offer)(3 hours only) That’s why its kinda expensive. And about revision, so they can ask you to start over the whole editing? I thought revisions was supposed to be made to fix a few mistakes & not the whole video.

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While ‘unlimited revisions’ is always a bad idea on a gig, in this case (after detailed discussions with customer support and Fiverr success manager 1-1) I understand that it is not considered a ‘revision’ if the buyer is asking for something new that was not in the first contract.

The ‘revisions’ pertain ONLY to satisfying the original brief and contract. If you have done that, then the job is complete.

Therefore, it is not a revision to ask for new music after you have delivered (as one example). Asking for the video to be done again with new music becomes a new gig, not a revision.

Therefore, you are protected in the respect that if you have completed the commission to specification, you can tell customer support that you have delivered ‘to specification’ and that what the buyer is requesting are not ‘revisions’ but entirely new specifications.

Now, another important note:

If the buyer cancels AND you have delivered to specification, Fiverr may choose to pay you compensation. This occurs where the job was delivered to the original specification (and fiverr can see that has happened and that you delivered good work and a complete job) and ONLY if the buyer cancels. The compensation may be the full value of the sale. It’s discretionary.

In your position, I would tell the buyer a) that you have delivered a completed job to specification unless any changes are required to make the delivery *in accordance with the original specification and contract. And b) Tell him that further work will incur more costs if they are beyond the scope of the first contract to which both sides agreed.

c) If you have already delivered MORE than the first contract stated, then tell him specifically what you have already delivered that is over and above the contract (be clear and brief), and that he may cancel and not use your work or that he may accept, pay, and use it. He cannot request new work that wasn’t in the original brief and try to call that a revision!

Don’t do more work not in the original spec.

If he cancels of his own volition, tell customer support you delivered in full to the agreed terms and he has cancelled, and would they be able to consider this for compensation?

I wish you the very best!



I think it’s been mentioned in many other threads before that any suggestion to offer unlimited revisions is terrible, terrible advice. Even if you follow the horrible advice of offering unlimited revisions, you need to specify what qualifies as revisions in your description or FAQ’s. If your idea of a revision is, for example, less than one minute, you need to clearly spell it out. Otherwise, yes, someone is going to take advantage of you and ask for the whole thing to be redone. After all, you offer unlimited revisions…

Now you see why unlimited revisions aren’t a good idea?

Mistakes often make the best teachers. Learn from them. :wink:


Unfortunately, the buyer is a kid. So he just doesn’t care about all that thing. He just kept asking for a revision.