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Buyer trying to cheat me! Help!

Hello everyone,
I have a gig which providing motivational quote images for social media. These are my own designs and unique. I am proving 50 quote mages with client’s logo for $5 in this service. Last day, one buyer came to me and asked for discount. Also, he told he don’t need his logo in the images. I accepted. I delivered him 150 quotes for $10. Now he is telling he got the quotes from another seller, so he need refund. This is cheating!! He already got my 150 quotes. Now Dispute opened. What will I do?? If I reject it he will give a bad review…? I’m a new seller. Does this affect me? Please help me!!


Of you always will be afraid of bad reviews then scammers will always be able to blackmail you.

If you are afraid of bad review than of course cancel the order and loose money for all your had work.

I’m always choosing a possibility of bad review but I wouldn’t let people scam me. I’d rather leave my review on them and write my side of the story under their review in my profile which in some cases counts even more than a bad review because it will scare away other scammers.

“Found a new seller” is not a valid reason for cancellation so if you decide to fight you can decline his cancellation request.


Trust on Fiverr system. he need to proof that to the Fiverr team if you are on the right side it wont affect you


In my opinion as @mariashtelle1 has said you must not be afraid of bad reviews.

The buyer has received an absolute bargain as it is. $10 is nothing to most people.

I would do the following:

  1. refuse the cancellation request
  2. point out to the buyer that you have completed the work as per the gig requirements
  3. tell the buyer that if they persist in their course of action YOU will report THEM to customer support

You have probably been deliberately targeted as a new seller. Scam buyers think you will give in to them - don’t.

Remember, even if the buyer does leave a bad review, you can publicly respond.