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Buyer trying to defame me

I agree! Also you could have explained it more in detail in your response like you did to us. I don’t think it will hurt your sales.

I’m impressed with what you do. I really think you should move up the basic price to $10 at least. It might help to get nicer clients.


Though as it is currently I think it will stop sales through the buyer request page (stop the ability to send offers there).

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I think the buyer was very mean. I don’t know the details but that was probably uncalled for.

I really hope CS can help with this. I think there could have been a nicer way to handle this.


I think it should not be happen with anyone when seller put all the efforts to reach satisfaction level of buyer then buyers should return the same to seller

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Hello everyone,

Thankyou for all the support.

The fiverr cs has replied and have partially removed the part in which he was lying and say that they can’t remove the whole review but I am still happy.


Thank you for the update and congratulations!

I just received a TOS violation after they removed the part from the review, it does not make sense :frowning:

Did they say it was for the review?

No but it mentioned incomplete work and I have not done any other order for a week and also all my orders have 5 star rating

If you sent all the work (all the characters/robots) in the new order that you offered to do in that order you could show that to CS (eg. screenshot) and say that you delivered all items the offer & order was for. Maybe they will remove the warning if they agree everything the order was for was delivered.

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