Buyer trying to give me $200 vanilla visa to buy products to write reviews on


This doesn’t make sense to me. The buyer outlined several products that added up to $167, sent me a card number and said to go to the vanilla visa website then purchase the products and the remaining balance would be mine to buy from any other seller. Has anyone else had this happen to them?


Don’t do it, it could be a stolen card.


And when I say “could” I mean “probably is”.


I would just get them to buy the products themselves and email them or mail them to me. Just be aware though if they are using someone else’s card to pay for your fiverr services, it could result in a chargeback (ie you lose the money you got for their fiverr gig).

That being said, all the above could be innocent and they could be a lovely trustworthy buyer :wink:


This smells like a scam. Vanilla Visa cards are similar to pre-paid credit cards, which means the buyer presumably could load it with the exact amount needed to purchase the items he wants you to review. So it sounds suspicious to me that he would so glibly give you all that extra. Also, one of the major drawbacks of VV is that it’s loaded with all sorts of fees, including maintenance fees which I think are monthly.

There is also a scam involving VV cards that’s too complicated to write up in a note, but do a search. In some scenarios, the net result is that if you use the card and it goes through as a “forced” sale (which the clerk or vendor may not even be aware of right away), the store won’t get the money it’s owed for the merchandise you bought with it, and they may come after YOU to pay for it.

Last, you would need to share personal contact information with this buyer in order to receive the card, and except under certain circumstances, that isn’t allowed on Fiverr. Getting caught doing so risks you losing your account. If this is a legitimate buyer, he’ll be willing to make this transaction according to Fiverr’s rules, and the way YOU want it to be done.


I agree with all of the above and thank you all for your feedback. This person originally provided promo codes which was fine, but I’m not gullible enough to fall into this kind of a trap.




Red light all the way.

Besides the main ‘screaming scam’ thing, it’s against Fiverr policy to conduct payments for gigs outside of Fiverr.

I’d say report him, because his account should be banned for trying to organize it - but I want you to get paid.


I write reviews. I had a buyer that wanted to reimburse my purchase with a regular Amazon gift card about a week ago. The thing is, that’s bypassing Fiverr. They aren’t able to get their commission. Plus, he would have also needed my email. So, I knew if I agreed to something like that, I could be banned. So, I just politely explained why I couldn’t do that. In my case, I think the buyer was innocent. I don’t think he was trying to do anything wrong, he just didn’t know the rules. Mine was only a $12 or $13 book.

In your situation, I would be way more suspicious. $200 is a good chunk of change. Even if you listed Extras for him (so Fiverr gets their cut), it still wouldn’t be safe. He could file a chargeback. I list extras for purchases, but would never for that much. If you circumvented Fiverr you could get banned and it could even be a stolen card. I’m just not getting a good feeling about this. I think you have that gut feeling too, or you wouldn’t be creating this thread. I would listen to that.


This is definitely a scam. Besides, I wouldn’t get involved with product reviews because it could get you banned on both websites. Even if you are legitimately buying the products and reviewing them, there is no proof of your sincerity if someone else is paying you to do it.