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Buyer trying to make work for free . asking for more revision

He asked me to build him editing app i did that and sent it. i gave him one revision. he used the revision i gave him and still asking for more in the app we didn’t agree on. please i need help now. i have given hime extra 3revision used all and still asking for more. please how can i get the money.

thank you,


Unless you have the dreaded “unlimited revisions” on your gig - or 100% satisfaction guaranteed - then explain to your buyer that these revisions are charged as an extra. Then offer him an extra.


Tell him it is out of scope and give him a choice:
Accept the order as is or accept a custom offer to for the work they want.

I did this and buyer accepted the custom offer. I tripled my original fee with this upsell.

Be polite, but firm. Good luck. Sorry your buyer is treating you like this. It is stressful, I know.


I see your chat app gig has one revision and you gave him that.

If he wants more, send him a custom offer for the extra work he wants.

This is the time to learn how to talk to someone who wants more than they paid for, in a nice way.

You can say:

I see you are asking for some additional modifications beyond the original order. Since my gig offer includes one revision and you have received that, I will be happy to do the extra work on this you are requesting so I am sending you a custom offer for that.


before starting the gig make sure you clear all the requirements and project scope.
however sometimes giving a bit extra work might get you recurring customer.


Thanks . I have even cancelled it

Why would you cancel it??? You did the work so why did you agree to cancel?