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Buyer trying to scam me, Help!


I received an order from a buyer for business card gig, he requested for Business card, letterhead, envelope designs, also he paid for print ready and source file. Like i normally do for my previous buyers, i offer unlimited revisions for buyer to use till satisfaction.

After i deliver the buyer’s order (Designs, Print Ready and Source files), the buyer sent me message that he didn’t like the design and i should refund. I think maybe he didn’t know of unlimited revision, I told him about it and ask for where/which design he didn’t like. To my surprise, he didn’t like any of the 3 designs, first he said the envelope design is not in standard design format, i redesign the envelope all over again with simple design and deliver back to him, i am shocked again to see him claiming “I have poor color choosing”, the colors i used are generated from the logo he sent (he didn’t specify color at first), also he said I didn’t use normal USA address,which I used the address he sent.

He can’t point exactly to what is wrong but keeps giving annoying excuses, I keep asking for the formats he want but he insist on refund. I feel like am about to be scam because he already have the 3 designs, print ready files and source files (even though he paid for just one source file payment instead of two).

I don’t know what else to do for this buyer, this is my first time to experience something like this and i have spent years on Fiverr.


Unless you’re willing to refund him and just be done with him–and this depends entirely on you, how you want to run your business, and how strong the possibility is that this buyer will leave a negative review–you have to put your foot down with this buyer. Explain that you used the colors from the logo he provided, in order to keep the materials cohesive and that you followed the instructions given to you, used the information he sent you, etc. Saying something like “I don’t like it,” or “isn’t what I expected” isn’t A) reason enough to get a refund and B) real criticism of your work.

If you’re willing to do the unlimited revisions that you promise, make sure the buyers knows this, along with what kind of comments you need in order to make real revisions to the designs. He has to tell you want changes to make. Blindly making changes for someone who says “I don’t like it,” is a fool’s game, especially when the buyer doesn’t really seem to know what he sent to you or what he needs.

This is just what I’d do: I’d tell him if he can’t tell me specifically what changes need to be made, I’m just going to redeliver. If I was angry (as I often am when dealing with buyers that think they are entitled to refunds when they’ve received exactly what they ordered), I would probably tell him that I’m not a mind reader and that I’ve done my very best with what was given to me and that he is not entitled to a refund, especially because it seems like what he’s doing is just trying to get work for free.

That, of course, won’t stop him from doing a chargeback or from leaving you a negative review. Some people are just unreasonable. If he does leave a negative review, make sure to leave him one as well and tell your side of the story as succinctly and clearly as possible.


Thanks for your comment,

I actually told him he have unlimited revision but he said revision is for genuine design, in his word “I made a 5 minute design”. This statement made me angry but I can’t actually do anything about it.
I specifically told him that am willing to do unlimited free revisions and also asked for the changes he want but he still stand on his word (refund).
His second message (after delivering new envelope design), was that i used poor color choosing, i have replied and explained that i used his logo’s color and willing to redesign but not until he give me his color choose.

Am still expecting his message but am also suspecting he will leave a negative review, i just wish there is a way out from the negative rating.

Thanks once again #emasonwrites, i will do just as you suggested.


I am scammed by a buyer too. I did the research and computation job for almost 2 days already because of the revisions, he wants this and that. I am firm i have delivered correct but i think he just used my file then wants refund. such a ridiculous experience!


Customer Support.