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Buyer trying to scam me out of my money?

I completed 1 order for a buyer last month, a translation of 12K words. I have completed another translation for this buyer this month of only a few words.

Now I get a message telling me that the translations are machine translated and that a lot of the words are untranslated.
I have spent several hours on his translations and setting aside all plans so I could finish them within 24 hours for him as it was my first fairly big gig. I have manually translated all of his words. The only words not translated are the ones where we use the same word in our language.

How can I resolve this? There is no way for the Fiverr Support to know that I did it manually, and the payments of the first month have already gone through and been paid.

just convince him. let him also understand you have spent hours, sleepless night to give him a perfect job based on his requirement.

sorry to say it but i would take it as a loss and the next time you come across a bigger gig like this check into the persons back ground because this person seems to just want what you did for him for free by saying the translation is computer generated how could he tell if fiverr support cant tell the difference. so did you get paid for the 12k words you did last month and he stiffed you on the few this month or how did it happen?

I thinks is a good thing to protect our work…e.g you can use adobe acrobat to do this, its really simple. I think you should try it next time.

I completed 2 gigs for him, 1 last month and 1 this month.
I got paid for both and now he wants a refund for both.

The person is a level 2 seller so I’d expect him to be trustworthy, although he does ask people to order his gigs multiple times for more reviews.

He’s now claiming that I also broke his PHP code (I only swapped the English words with Dutch, I know quite a bit about PHP and I can assure you that I did not touch the code).
He also claims that the translations were horrible.

He told me he will be contacting Fiverr support ( Which I already did as soon as I got the accusations) and that he won’t be using my services again. Well that’s a relief.