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Buyer trying to scam me with custom order?

buyer requested a custom offer from me. I read that in order to accept the offer i need to send him the offer? is this true or is there another way to accept a order request? I then ask for him to order it normally since there is nothing “custom” needed to be done. he says he already paid and sent the attachment below. First thing is the price of my gig is only $5 and i know he didn’t order a gig extra so that’s strange. please help me out. I think he is scamming me but im not sure.

When a buyer ordered your gig correctly,you will get a notification of the order,if not then do not accept to process order outside fiverr platform.

It happened to me too.
Simply ignore this type of scams but to avoid the drop of your Response Time you can tell him if he want something he must order and that’s all.

Good luck with your sales!

Ok thank you guys :slight_smile: