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Buyer Trying To Scam Me


I recently got back on Fiverr after being gone for 5 -7 months. I received a requested for a graphic design needed within hours and I accepted and sent a custom quote back. The buyer paid the quote and I started right away on the order and finished within 3 - 4 hours since the buyer was asking for tons of things and same day turnaround. I delivered the design and he responded with “its right on track and looking good” and to change some minor things. I did and resent him the changes within 40 minutes and later today I get a cancel and he tells me its not what he wanted and I failed to deliver what was promise. The buyer after a few minutes after that cancels the order and leaves me with a sour taste in my mouth. I spent about 4 -5 hours in total working on his artwork. He made me believe it was what he wanted and then canceled? Very confused and sounds like to me he is trying to get free artwork by canceling. Has this happen to anyone else? Buyers paying and getting what then want and then canceling for no reason even tho all the messages showed him saying it was looking good and on the right track?

If that’s the case what stops any buyer from doing this over and over on Fiverr? Almost thinking of not using Fiverr ever again.

You’re well within your rights to refuse to accept the cancellation if you feel that it is unwarranted. Sadly, this does happen to many sellers. Not a great answer, I know, but true nonetheless. You can always drop Customer Support a line to let them know that you believe you are essentially being scammed. Sorry this happened to you. I know how rough it is.

Always provide your work on mock ups. Photo realistic view. So your buyer only can see it in a realistic view but can’t use it until you provide them final work.

also use watermarks as well.

Yeah it happens some time even buyer changed the whole idea and at last leave a bad rating without any explanation to avoid this provide them artwork with some background and when they fully satisfied and ask a png file then provide