Buyer Trying to Scam?


I had a buyer who initially wanted one thing fixed but after ordering showed me another error which was there even before i started working on the first issue. I went ahead fixing the second one as my gig offer upto 3 errors. Then the buyer showed me atleast 10+ errors and blamed me for causing them. The errors were of a totally different module which had nothing to do with the module work I did. I declined and stopped there as i was sure he was gonna dispute the gig at the end and get away with all the work. Not heard from him since then and i’m sure he’ll be back and will give a negative feedback. I hate people who blame for apparently selfish reasons(with stupidity as he can easily be proved guilty).

I bet this is something that is not new and almost every seller faces it.

Any word on how to really deal with these kind of buyers?



how will you deal with a seller with pre-meditated intention of cheating?

Like trying to quench the taste of a man in hell


I’ve had more than a couple writers who I have suspected have found “errors” and immediately requested a cancellation, and who threaten forced cancellations if I would suggest going over the document again or further explanation of how my work was not up to their standards. I remain professional and polite, even if the buyer becomes rude and insulting. I have used the, “a difference in opinion or expectations from my very clear description of my gig does not constitute as unprofessional nor entitle you to a refund.” Explanation, to no avail. They end up with free work and I only have the lost time to show for it, without any way of avoiding cheaters or scanners.


*scammers stupid auto correct


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Yep, i follow that to every extent but then some buyers are just exceptional.


Reply to @soldierdollar: Exactly!


Reply to @outlawsphinx: True, Article writers and graphics people face this more often.