Buyer trying to send me a script as a word document


I have a new buyer and he is very frustrated with the limitations of the site.

He is trying to send me a complex script that he has created as a word document. However, he tells me that fiverr won’t upload it, it sounds like a formatting issue, but I’m no tech expert.

Any ideas or solutions? I get lots of scripts through and no one has ever complained that they can’t upload it.



A .doc or .docx file should be uploaded easily either on a private message or in the order page (requirements). Perhaps he could try a .pdf or a .txt file if there’s a major issue.

I don’t see why size would be an issue for a simple word document, but anything over 30MB can’t be delivered on messages or uploaded, I think. Have him consider that, as well.

If it continues to be an issue, ask him to make it a Google document and send you a link to view it. Alternatively, you can use Dropbox for the file exchange.

Just make sure to word any request very carefully so it doesn’t seem that you’re trying to circumvent the Fiverr TOS regarding contact info exchange. Don’t want to get a warning on your account because your buyer is a bit slow!


This might be a bug in his system. Some of us experienced an upload error a few days ago.

Tell him to try a different browser. If this isn’t going to work either, he can submit via dropbox link or similar. He can also reach out to customer service for assistance. They can help him with the upload issue if it’s related to his account.


He can also try putting it in a zip file.


A zip or rar file would be better if it is small. If over 30 mb unfortunately he’ll have to use dropbox. Customers like that, if frustrated will probably shop elsewhere because of the limitations. Again, we brought up this issue a year ago and nothing was done regarding upload storage.


I’ve been a couple of times around the forums, usually for a few minutes but I just saw your post. Otherwise I would have replied earlier.

I’m pretty sure we have met the same buyer, though I’m certain that he has used different names.

The first moment I saw his request (BR section) I found it a bit suspicious because it begged for people to open the file he had attached to the request. But I thought maybe his/her English just wasn’t that good so I sent an offer. He contacted me a few moments later with a message basically begging to just open the sample he’d attached. The file was apparently a .docx file so I opened it, knowing that even if it was some kind of harmful file it wouldn’t do anything because I use linux as my main OS (got windows 7 on VirtualBox for MS applications) and LibreOffice as my primary office suite. My suspicions were confirmed when I went to open the file and it wanted to be opened by LibreOffice Calc which doesn’t usually open .docx files (but .xls). When I opened it there was only some (Russian maybe) words in Cyrillic and nothing more.

If it was the same guy I hope he didn’t get to successfully send the file to you. If yes I’d do a Virus and Malware scan of your computer because macros can pose a security risk.

Now I figure that I should have, immediately, posted a warning on the forums somewhere but getting an order (a couple of minutes after he messaged me I got one) was still a big thing for me so I completely forgot. I reported him though.


I ran into that problem trying to attach a Word doc in a conversation with a potential creator. The error was mine: there was an apostrophe in the document name that was causing the upload to fail. I stripped all punctuation out of the file name, but left the spaces, and it uploaded just fine.