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Buyer trying to steal

Today, just submitted a work to the client who did not provide me with new information and now asked me to change the work according to the new information. I told him that it was not mentioned in the initial requirements but I’ll still change it accordingly. After that he is saying that he is not satisfied with the work and wants a refund. He is taking the work and running away. I have worked hard on this job and I have been working online since 2010 on Presto and Upwork. I know what clients do when they decide to take the money and run. He is doing the same. I just became level 1 seller I do not want him to spoil my ratings.
You can check the work, it is totally plagiarism and grammatical errors free. If i do not refund him, he will spoil my ratings and review.
I need some resolution for this issue.
I first of all do not want to refund. is there any solution for that?
And secondly if i return the complete amount will he be able to rate me?
Please guide.

Thank you


You need to contact customer support, we can’t help you with order disputes.

I have already emailed them…One thing I wanted to ask is that will the client be still able to review me if I refund the amount and cancel the order?

Thank you

Please can you remove the buyer’s name from your post? Thank you! :slight_smile:

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I think other people should be aware of this buyer so that they do not get robbed.

It’s against the forum rules to ‘name and shame’ buyers and sellers, so please remove it from your post - thank you! :slight_smile:

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Done…Any solution for this?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

If he’s asked for a mutual cancellation, you can just say no.

He will be able to review of the order isn’t cancelled.

If the order is cancelled, the buyer receives a refund and can’t review you.

As @uxreview said, if you need any more help with a dispute, you’ll need to contact CS.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

He selected the modified revision and when i agreed for modification he says that i do not want to work and need a refund.
I do not see any option to cancel here and there are still 2 days left in the deadline.
Can you guide in how can i cancel the order so that i do not receive a review from him.

Thank you

Here you go:

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Should i go for mutual cancellation or personal message?

Mutual cancellation I should think.

Thank you for your time and support…:slight_smile:

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You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Did you settle for a refund?

I think this happens to many sellers on fiverr. I for one have gone though this a few times. Sadly and against my own principles, I have settled with a refund just to maintain my rating.

I understand and have given him the refund…there is nothing i could do…:frowning:

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You refunded him and him stealing your work are two totally different things.

Sorry this happened to you, but you aren’t allowed to name drop on the forum. It can lead to your reply being blocked and removed.

What could I do …I have read in forums that fiverr always takes buyer side… and i dint want any troubles …so i have accepted the cancellation.