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Buyer Trying to trick me, what should I do?

I was asked for a service and was asked for fast delivery at a discount rate in return to promise for more orders from the client, I thought it was a great opportunity so I shared my gig with this person, now this person is stating that this is not what he was expecting and forcing me to cancel the order but I gave him what he requested for and the samples I showed him in the gig screenshots I offered, He accepted the same gig and now is using statements like: “Are you trying to fool me”, I don’t want that such buyers play with my reputation, as I am new on Fiverr I don’t want that my rating decrease because of such buyers. Please help me through this situation.


If the buyer didn’t like your work, he has the right to cancel the order or ask for revisions.
Try to offer him better quality with a revision.


The CS will also side with the buyer you can’t do anything about this if you’re buyer has decided to not work with you anymore and cancel. You can only try and make them calm by explaining yourself to them that this situation must be a result of a misunderstanding and you will provide them with revisions until they’re satisfied.
Otherwise just cancel the order🤷


Hi Raghav, as i see you have the order on your scraping comments from YouTube videos gig? Please correct me if i am wrong.
Now first of all try to understand the situation of the buyer, were you clear what they wanted or were expecting?
If yes and you have delivered exactly what they wanted and what your gig describes than just communicate with them and ask about the issues in it. Don’t be angry or sound frustrated when communicating with a client. I used to do it in past and because of which i had a lot of bad experiences with clients. It took me 2 years to realise i was wrong.
You see as a service provider you have to always give priority to the client/customer/buyer.
No one is trying to fool you, if a client does not like your work they’ll be angry if they like it they’ll be happy that’s the simple maths that took me 2 years to realise.

So a solution for your problem is first of all please correct the mindset regarding buyer trying to fool you. It’s all a matter of expectations. They paid you for a service and it was not what they were expecting. So what you need to do is try to understand their expectations and provide an end product that they want.
You can reply like this
I am so so sorry for the inconvenience, I understand that the initial delivery might not have been what you were expecting, please do not worry. I am here to make it work.
Please let me know what shortcomings you could see in the delivery or if you feel I misunderstood anything please correct me. It is my utmost effort that you end up happy when you complete this order and you have a smile on your face so please do not hesitate to let me know what you want and i shall do it for you. ‘

So the trick here is, be nice and flexible. If you feel that they are making unjust demands and requesting something that is not covered in your gig you can let them know and ask them to upgrade the order nicely but a buyer sending a message like are you fooling me is not the kind of buyer to be sent a request for more money.
Be nice and communicate with them and try to find out what’s wrong.
And i say again don’t worry no one can fool you, if you are not happy with the buyer just cancel the order because that’s the option you always have.
Best of luck and i hope this helps


As soon as someone asks me for a discount, I END THE CONVERSATION!!

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Lol. I have a bridge to sell you, are you interested? It’s a great opportunity!

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I don’t provide discounts. I treat all of my customers equally. Why would someone have to receive the same service at a “special price”? It’s like fooling my loyal clients who pay me based on my pricing list.

@raghav739 This will be a good experience for you.
When buyer ask for a fast delivery and discount - in exchange for future works, most of it ended with bad outcome. THERE ARE NO FUTURE WORK.
They said it just to get discouted price.
This is kind of a bad buyer who took advantage from inexperience seller.

Based on what your buyer said above…, it seems that you already made a wrong move, and made this buyer unhappy.

My suggestions:
Right now most of seller suffer from lack of order, sudden drop of impression because Fiverr change its algorithm. 5 star rate is the most important to gain momentum again.
and i don’t think Fiverr CS can help you because your buyer think you can’t deliver a decent works. If buyer ask mutual cancellation agreement, they can do it.

If you still have 100% order completion, better to cancel this project.
90% order completion is much better than having 1 star rate.
1 star rate could ruin your overall fiverr career.

Wish you luck,