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Buyer unable to mark order as complete and leave review


It’s the first time I have heard of this but my buyer just informed me that the system is not allowing him to mark my order as complete and review my service.

Please help


Seems strange. Refresh the page and try again.


Ah thanks, I will suggest it to him (fingers crossed)


If not wait for 3 days for the order to be automatically marked as complete.


I know, its just I was hoping to get the positive rating to support my gig :slight_smile:


It must be his computer. I was able to accept and review fine from my end!



Oh, that’s good to know. It makes sense. Thanks Gina


Contact CS

They will update you for sure


Thanks Lipu. I have contacted CS and they advised me to get my buyer to contact them (which is fair seeing he is the one who is experiencing the problem on his side). But it is a bit difficult to ask him to do this just because I am greedy for a review :stuck_out_tongue:


Is he trying to review from the app or from his desktop computer? App might be giving him some problems (and if he does manage to review you with the app, his glowing 5 star review might turn into 4.3 or 4.7 because the app is buggy).


Oh My God! That explains the situation I was in with a buyer who told me he left a 5 star review, and on my profile it was a 4 star review. :frowning:


Thanks for sharing ! I was wondering why i got 4.73 stars even after the buyer is 100% satisfied.


Oh that’s horrible! Thank you so much for pointing that out. I was not aware of it at all. I better warn my buyers :fearful:


You should thank @misscrystal, she’s the one who noticed it first.