Buyer unable to open audio file


Long time lurker, first time seeker.

I’ve delivered a completed voiceover to a buyer. The buyer was able to open the original file (in WAV format), but has requested a revision because his/her managers are not able to open the file and cannot thus approve it.

I’ve re-sent the file in MP3, AIFF and AAC format. Apparently, still no dice.

I’m wondering if there’s some other way to deliver audio that will be more helpful than these obscure formats I’m relying on.

Thanks in advance for your counsel.


It could be a codec issue on their side. You could try uploading it to a cloud store then send them the link, they will open the audio direct from the browser without downloading it. The downside is that they can download the audio then split. Another option is, you could add a static image to the audio and render as a video file and see if they can open it in that format.


Great suggestions. Thank you!


You can upload it on Youtube as “private file” and give them the link of the audio.


Anyone can open an mp3 file I thought.

On a side note, if a buyer is unable to open a file sent in a standard format that is not the seller’s problem technically. You delivered what you said you would. Of course you are doing all you can to help, but still, at some point it ceases to be your problem.